Saturday, July 27, 2013

Journal Notes...Summer Plantings, Tomato Cages, & Display Roses

As a general rule, I have heard it is not good to plant in the dead of summer.  However, the rain has been so deep and consistent, I have broken this rule.  I have planted wild flowers and new plantings taking advantage of the never ending rain.  When the sun comes out, it does feel quite intense but the majority of the roses are not seeming to complain about all the water.
The rose garden is for cutting but certain aspects of it are for display.  I, originally grouped them by color but between confusing the roses, and not being happy with the foliage that has gone out the window.  I wanted to see more foliage and color when I stepped out on the the back porch.  I moved a blue girl and a mystic haze dahlia and replaced them with two knockouts.  I am quite fickle when it comes to knockouts but one thing I have learned.  If you are going to have a display and a cutting garden but display roses in the front.

Mystic Haze Dahlia I am having the toughest time with.  It is supposed to rain this morning so I hurried and switched them out...yes, another faux pas...putting a new plant in the old plants spot..but the rose garden is designed in such a way, another placement would not be good.

Ignore the date, I changed the batteries, but Granada roses are making an appearance.  I love the cut roses but they aren't as consistent as shrub roses so I needed to mix more.  For the record, I don't think I meant to plant her here.

A few weeks ago, I bought two William Baffins.  Now I read that it is great rose for down here but I am unsure about the consistency of blooms.  It, also, a climber so I was going to attempt to make rose "trees" out of them.

This is the other one.

So I bought tomato cages.  Now I am little concerned about using them because what happens if strong winds hit.  The rose garden is in excellent spot when it comes to wind.  On the south, east, and west side it's protected by the house.  The downward slope I think helps a great deal to.  Immediately on the border are perinneals to break the wind, and trees are one the north but fairly far away.  All that being said, my concern is still the same.

One of the shrubs I had an easier time with.

However, the other I just couldn't get the bush to cooperate.  Will probably stake and wire this one.

Boy, make no mistake weeds will overtake if you aren't watching.  The plinth has become completely overrun with vines.  Albeit pretty, I opted to completely remove them.

Much better.

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