Friday, July 26, 2013

Journal Notes...Rain, Project, Squirrely Paths

 July definitely has been the month of rain.  I love it!  It's so much cooler and less work because I haven't had to water at all.  As far as summer goes, it's been awesome.

This section has been completed (sorta).  The piping needs to be wired and covered.  Going to put a walking path in the between two sections.

More brick for the hydra bed.  My paths are squirrely (meaning not straight) and are of different colors.  No one will accuse me of having this professionally done.

It has gotten exceptionally weedy here.  This section will not be on the irrigation manifold, so there is no reason for me not complete this section.

90% of this section has been screened.  A couple of trees do no look like they have made it..and you can't see it but there are a lot of hydrangeas here in the shady area behind this rose section.

Going up the path, most but not all has been screened.

I used leaves and pine straw as "fillers" then a top coat of mulch.

There has been some erosion of the mulch.  I am just going to have that but consider putting in scrap wood pieces as "stoppers."

Filled in more.  There is a rose of sharon you can't see here but it's there.  In the back of this there a TON of azaleas and camellias behind the whole rose garden.  Should have a lot of winter color.

Filled in more.

Lol...still weedy.  Crepe myrtles are blooming nicely, though.

My beautiful dog, Pearl.  Yes, that's a dog.  She just has surgery but doing well.

Butterflies on zinnia.  I did a heavy prune on these but you wouldn't know it.

My husband got me a rain gauge, so I can truly appreciate how much rain really fell.

Finished mulching the screened areas.  Have about 50 feet of screening left to do in this section.

Sure does look better though.  The color of the mulch gives a bit of a "fake" appearance, but it does contrast nicely with the grass.

You can see the erosion of the mulch due to rain.

I love thunderstorms.

Now, attacking this section.  I think this area will be "straighter" then the others.

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