Sunday, July 28, 2013

Journal Notes..Ignore This..Long and Detailed.

Thinking I'm finally getting the color I want to see.

Museum...well this is the butterfly garden that looks like a weedy mess but believe it or not it has flowers in it.
I don't think the area gets enough sun.

Despite the weeds there a ton of flowers growing as well.  Lantana, zinnia, cosmos, aster, potato flower are some that I recognize.


The camellia we transplanted doesn't look like it's gonna make but the hydrangeas I donated do.

One of the hydras

These roses are miniatures that I take care of at the museum.  A few month's ago they were six inch they are doing much better.

There is also a lacecap hydra and wisteria here as well.  I take care of them as incidental to the roses.

Some canes were up to the first bar but most were not.  The first bar is probably 3 feet high.

This is April.  You can see through the bottom section of the fence here.

Now, it wants to touch the top.  The only reason it doesn't is because I try to beg them sideways.

The roses are incredibly fragrant.

 Front Field
I didn't plant any of least not this year.  They reseeded from last year.


Sulphur Cosmos

The newly planted wildflower section

Most of Sam's seeds came up.  Stored in the office for over a year in Captan.
Sam...he probably had over 150 seeds

Pumpkin patch.  They don't like all the water.  We have had almost 14 inches of rain for July.

Lady Banks really don't like all the water

Morning glories..most didn't take but a few did and are climbing the fence.

Very weedy..poor dahlias

Strawberries and cabbages have been neglected

Crepe myrtle

Seems like we have red maples growing wild everywhere.  Since these will be the "Gardens of October"  will let them stay.

I believe this is red maple

Moss roses

The zinnia recently got heavily pruned but you wouldn't know it.

Finally getting better...I think.  My camera does not do a good job expressing the color.


NellJean said...

Did I answer your question about caterpillars? If there are caterpillars on your roses, they are larva of undesirable moths and need picking off.

Tomato worms are also moth larva and have to be picked off, too.

I expect caterpillars to eat my parsley and other host plants. Rarely does a caterpillar that is going to turn into a beautiful butterfly eat a valuable plant with the exception of Giant Swallowtail larvae that eat orange tree leaves.

I have had caterpillars on Pentas. They are those night-flying moths, not the pretty butterflies that nectar on Pentas.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Nell. When I pick bugs off and I think it's a butterfly I hesitate. Now there are some type of caterpillar that loves my cassia when it's in bloom. I feel like those are butterflies. Thanks for the info...I, always, wondered about it.