Friday, July 19, 2013

Rose of the Week....Mr. Lincoln

If you want Valentine's Day type roses, then Mr. Lincoln is definitely a good choice.  It makes wonderful cut roses, so if you are looking for a great, traditional red rose....go with Mr. Lincoln.
Ignore the date, this happens when I change batteries in an obviously old camera.
This was shot this morning.  This would be perfect for cutting.  

I do have some blackspot issue, and it can get leafless at times, but the rose is fantastic.  I have only one red rose that beats it.  I believe its the Chrysler Imperial, but I am still researching...but this one does have fragrance and huge blooms.  For more information, click HERE

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NellJean said...

Garden Web had discussions on Mr. Lincoln, Chrystler Imperial, Oklahoma and FireFighter.

All have their favorites. I think you probably have the best two.