Saturday, July 20, 2013

Journal Notes..Mulching Wildflowers, shameless admissions, backyard project

Pruned the hydras aggressively.

I opted to plant wildflowers in this section.  I mowed very wet grass.  

I spaced them approx. 5 feet apart.  Sam's (sunflower) were put in the middle.  Zinnia, wildflowers, and I would open a pack of a random seed packet in each hole.  I figure something would grow.

Once the hole was dug, put black cow topsoil at the bottom, seed, black cow manure on the top and mulch.  All were a very thin layer.  Left over miracle gro was used to fertilize.

Seeds are on sale for like 15 cents a pack.  I learned that growing season here ends at the end of November.  So I love an extremely colorful fall before the growing season ends.  Look at my shoe..anyone elses shoes in such bad condition?
Screened the eastern side of the rose garden

I wonder if I'll regret this one day..bear in mind, I'm not a's laughable.

My very crooked path

The manifold is finally not submerged

This side is finally screened.

The pumpkin patch has pools of water near it that have an oily film...I don't know oil?

Replanted the ones that washed away.

Wildflowers in the front field are emerging.  These are sunflowers.

Finishing the mulch in this back section.

The area is huge so I opted for leaves...cheaper...

Need to put brick down to prevent erosion of the mulch.

It needs to be filled in more but it will do for now.

Pumpkin patch redone.  Will probably dig up the grass around it as vines grow.

Well for all intents and purpose this side is far as mulching goes...need to use bricks and fill it in better, etc but last step is irrigation.

Container plants act as markers for future roses.

I have a cocktail of leftover rose care and miracle gro in my sprayer.  I don't leave it on feed.  I just "shoot them" with food and water it in before and me there is a lot of stuff I do that I probably shouldn't.  I, also, sprinkled leftover osmocote.  No worries, I did enough to burn them.

Pumpkin seedlings are coming up

Mr. Lincoln

Need to figure out how to run the tubes.  First the manifold is below ground and the vinyl tubing will kink if I am not careful.

Still need to finish screening this last bit and mulch.

Tiffany rose

I have to finish screening and mulching this section plus irrigation.

Weed screen & mulch this area.  This will be on a water timer instead of the manifold.

Heavily pruned the zinnia..they were getting "leggy?"

Zinnias that I cut aggressively.  Still amazed that this is only four plants.

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