Friday, July 12, 2013

Journal Notes...peacock topiary, wildflowers, rain, etc.

Monday, July 8 2013

Despite being sore from yesterday, I got my second (I should say my seventh) wind.  The path that I had leading out of the rose garden was squirrely so tried to even it out.  The result wasn't much better.  It's either straight or it isn't...
I'll try again later.

Sorry for the fog but it was humid...thankfully, it was an 100 degree index as it had been.

This screening was much easier since the plants are very spaced.

My rose garden looks sad to be quite honest.  Due to the project, I have neglected them a great deal.  However, with over 90 roses (closer to 100) in the garden something is blooming.  As a matter of fact a lot is.  Probably only a quarter of the roses are blooming but that's a lot of point is, with that many roses, this rose really stood out.  It not only stood out but it was the prettiest orange rose I had ever seen.  I looked up the rose map and discovered this was New Year's Day rose.

The other one that caught my eye next to New Year's Day, was Double Delight.

In a mass of flowers, it's impressive to stand out but it truly does.  It is a pale pumpkin orange and so vibrant, it could be neon.

The other ones that catch my eye are Black Bacarra

Peach Drift

I am having new respect for miniatures.  They may not make cut roses but they are beautiful in the landscape.  My green ice is growing fabulously.

They are doing quite well, I think.  I wonder if it is because they are on their own system.  My own rose, Isabella (although) hasn't bloomed is growing very fast too.

I took the pics Wednesday morning, but it's in reference to Tuesday
Only one of the mounds came up so I will have to start over.  (9 inches of rain will do that.

I want to have a magnificent October garden.

The four zinnia I planted here had gotten huge
This were the same four, two months ago.

I thought this rose was desert peace, but it's not...may belinda's dream?

Altissimo has almost fell under the ax a couple of times, but seems to be doing well.

This is Isabella.  I have grown her from a seedling.  Can't wait to see her bloom.

Screened some more.  I learned that if you make tasks smaller, they don't seem so insurmountable.  I know that is common sense but you would be surprised how often one forgets that.

I didn't know mums rebloomed...silly me.

I have been repotting the lorapetelum.  I will replace the mexican heather with these in the fall..  I bought them as rooted cuttings.  The ones I planted didn't make it so I am opting to wait until fall.

The path I attempted to straighten is worse now.

I did mow the front yard 

Encores are blooming

I went to see the blacksmith about making my peacock topiary next year.  Here is the frame that I found

I believe this one is at the Dallas arboretum.  I was thinking of using Mexican heather and less flowers though.  

Although this just looks like grass to you, it's the front can't see it well but there is a spigot out there.  This section will be for the peacock that I want to put in  next year.
I thought about not planting annuals...because of the project..but then I thought..when gardening becomes a job and not fun, then stop doing when it finally stops raining, Ill put them in the ground.
The above are the seeds from Sam the Sunflower.  It's been stored in the office cabinet for about a I don't know if it will be still good..   
Sam, the sunflower last year.

The other seed packets I have.

Co-op has more..

Want to put them in front of these arches

Probably in 2 x 2 squares this time

Wildflowers I planted last will grow in gravel!

This wildflower bed was completely from last year's seeds.

Wildflower bed last year

It has rained for over a week now.

The flowers are blooming but there are hardly any leaves..

JFK rose....I don't recommend buying this rose as a bare root.  I have seen more not make it then do.

Blue girl

Mr. Lincoln


Pumpkin seeds that were not washed away

These are vigorous but I bought more...


Unknown pink rose

Hydras are coming up..

Golden Masterpiece

Golden Masterpiece




Green Ice


NellJean said...

Area news said this evening this is our 20th day with rain showers.

Everything is growing like a weed, especially the weeds.

You don't want your peacock to look as lush as the picture, or just fewer types of flowers?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Was going to use Mexican Heather, perhaps dusty miller and some other type of low growing flower...preferably an annual.