Sunday, December 23, 2012

February 2012

 I started using a trial program to see how I wanted things to look. 

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I used a free landscaping program my Aunt Kim suggested.

Front of the house.   Once I cleared out the looked "naked"  So I started with some front porch  "life"
A landscaping program trying to determine how I wanted the creek to look.

 I, also, planted Endless Summer Hydrangeas.

I worked on the creek side some more.  I, also, wanted to do something with the driveway.
I started laying down sod where the trees were to make it a park like setting.

I wanted a pathway on the creek, so I started laying down stones to see how I wanted it.

The creek had heavy rains and it looked more like a river than a creek.

This is the side of creek when I, finally, cleared away the underbrush.  If you look in background, you can see how dense the underbrush can be.

The front of the house....I can finally see it.  The underbrush was cut away so I  laid sod down.

The Savannah Bird Girl is a cliche statue but I do love it and wanted it for my upcoming birthday.
How I, initially, had in mind for the stepping stones.

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