Sunday, December 23, 2012

How it began....

My name is Janie.  I am a CPA (and a few other letters) and I am an expert at taxes, not gardening.  Far from it.  I have been gardening for less than a year.  Before now, I used to kill any plant in my possession, except for the plastic ones.  Please bear in mind that what I post, could absolutely be the wrong way do something.  However, I did have some successes this past year and many failures.  I, accidentally, fell into gardening.  I had been posting on Facebook  (click on the Facebook link to see all the pictures) but I think I was bothering my relatives in things that they simply were not interested in, so I opted to blog this instead.  I will play catch up on the posts for the moment, while I have a few extra days off for the holidays.

My husband and I married in October of 2011.  Prior to the wedding, I fell ill.  As a result, I had gained weight and was badly out of shape.  I had been relatively thin most of my life and was not pleased with this.  On our honeymoon, we went to Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.  It was beautiful.  We did the nature trails and visited the various waterfalls.  One day on our honeymoon, we were hiking a trail to a waterfall called the Juny Wank falls.  It was a tiny water fall that was less than a one mile hike upwards.  The elderly people were beating us up to the falls.  I told my husband that we returned from our honeymoon, we were working out.

I moved into my husband's home prior.  He lived on 15 acres in South Alabama.  The property has a creek that runs through it.  The driveway is, almost, a quarter mile long.  There is a very large, nice house (although not my style).  It was a bachelor pad, in all that, that implies.  The property used to be an illegal dump site.  It had abandoned mobile homes, car parts, construction materials, and general garbage on the property.  It was heavily wooded.  The house had trees in front.  So much so, you could not see the house.  The property was a diamond in the rough.  It has huge magnolias and oaks on it.  It needed a lot of work to reach it's full potential.

When we returned from our honeymoon, we began walking on the drive way to the local school's track.  Every time we walked, I grimaced at all the debris on the property.  I asked for my Christmas present, to remove all the garbage off the property.  That is where the story begins...........

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