Monday, December 24, 2012

June 2012

This is the a picture I found online.  I visited Bellingrath gardens and was enamored by this Staghorn Fern.  My mother-in-law was sweet enough to buy me one.
So, now, I have my own.
This is our front field.  To the bottom right was the wildflowers
The zinnia in the wildflower mix is starting to bloom
Alabama Beauty Camellias.  They bloom in the fall.
Banana Tree
Two more bougainvilleas...purple and raspberry ice.  I have learned about bougainvilleas over the summer.  Number one is that I wasn't giving them enough water.  It is said that they don't like a lot of watering but I think that the concrete made the pots hotter and thus the went through water quicker.  For a lot of the summer they didn't bloom at all.  When I started watering daily..they began to bloom again.
I attempted to propagate through cuttings.  I was not successful in this attempt.
The front of the house started to look not so "naked"
My Endless summer Hydrangeas are really taking off from being sticks a few months earlier.  The aluminum sulfate guaranteed they would be purple
This sunflower plant has multiple heads unlike most other s planted.
Sunny Knockout Rose tree.  It smells the best of all my flowers....Icebergs run a close second.
Fuschia plant I bought for five dollars at wound up dying.
Hibiscus tree.....
Snake plant and english ivy that I combined in a planter on the front porch.  Endless Summer Hydras under the windows.

Mom gave me a bunch of Mexican petunias and cashmere bouquet.  I have heard them called a Mexican Hydrangea.  The Mexican petunias last a lot longer than my real ones did.
This was hitchhiker on a plant I bought.  I finally deduced it was a weed.
I planted pumpkins.  The seedlings grow very fast.
Sunny Knockout rose tree.
This was probably be the best sunflower that I grew.  We called it Sam.  My husband is six feet tall so Sam was pretty tall...not the 12 to 16 feet that seed packages claimed, however.
I planted a row of sunflowers in the front field.
I have learned this past year......quit fighting nature....she doesn't take a day off.  These are comsos and zinnia planted in a very hot, sandy spot.
These were planted on top of clay with a thin cover of black cow manure.  (the product..not livestock)
The Pennington Cottage Mix was very, very good at producing if you planted in the right spot.  These are tons of zinnia.

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