Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sept 2012

My Savannah bird girls looks lovely

The property has a ton of wildflowers..this is a Beauty Berry.  Great for cutting and I don't have to take care of it....what a combination!

Hanging lanterns

Some are very, very high up.

Boy, the front of the house has come a long way.

Paradise rose makes unbelievably beautiful blooms

Laura cat...she loves taking garden walks with me.  Unfortunately, she loves getting right where you are about to step.

This bougainvillea got huge but wouldn't flower...I discovered why...it needed a LOT more water than what I was giving it.

Memphis Music Rose.  I really wanted an Abracadabra rose  which I could only seem to find  in Australia...and of course, couldn't get shipped here due to customs...  It's called a mini-flora and initially  the roses were small but they are much larger now, close to three inches...or the size of my Iceberg Roses.

The Endless summer hydrangeas have grown extremely fast considering they were 3 inch sticks in February.

I put Mums left in the pot in the ground....I am not recommending this.

The Memphis Music is an extremely dark (almost black) red velvet that does not fade in the sun until its completely spent.

Fall is a great time of year.

I bought lanterns for the upcoming Halloween.

Moss roses in a hanging pot.

I had Moss roses in the bird bath.  Since there is not drainage...I will not being do that this next year.  The heather, however, grew huge and the bees live on them.

Europena roses.  When I, initially, bought these ..the nursery sent very sickly plants.  They, however, grew to be the healthiest ones I have.  The blooms last FOREVER in the vase.

Paradise rose grew very tall.


I went to Walmart and they were selling everything for next to nothing.  I planted Pink Japanese magnolia, azaleas, Bradford pears, dogwoods, there was a transplanted magnolia, crepe mytle, and a cassia plant my mother gave me.

Double Orange Hibiscus tree and Pennington wildflower mix -Zinnia cosmos etc

New pumpkin patch...the bugs are just ruthless

On the left, you see the tall "tree" pile.  This is the cosmos and they are approaching nine feet here.

Spanish moss...though they are low maintenance, they need to be watered from time to time if it hasn't rained in a while.

Morning glory vine.

Staghorn fern

The perwinkle and the Mexican took over my front bed and crowded out my azalea bushes

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