Tuesday, December 25, 2012

November 2012

My green house packed up quick

My brother in law works at a wholesale nursery (that also sells to the public) and I found 3 gallon Hollywood Junipers for 3.75!  He works at a place called Century South.  The list price was 7.50...highly recommended

Endless summer hydras, Mexican heather, periwinkle, encore azaleas and  split leaf philodendron.

We clear a lot of trees so I have been really using this wood mulcher.  I understand that you shouldn't put fresh mulch on plants....

Lowes had a pond in a box kit on clearance for 50.00

Yaupon berry trees growing wild on the property

Black screening the fountain

Things I love most as a lazy (or at least forgetful) gardener...timers (both water and electric) and irrigation systems.  The greenhouse has full spectrum lighting and a fan that run intermittently throughout the day and night.  

Junipers before I put them in the ground

Too much to list here but in the back corner is a rain barrel.  I put this in here out of convenience if I did't want to go get a hose.  However, it's my understanding that some people place dark drums in greenhouses so that the water gets warm during the day and radiates heat at night. Link on this concept

Rye grass I planted

Cold frame for the strawberries

Strawberries ..they keep trying to make berries..and I keep popping them off.  From what I read, they need to establish well first.  I have even read some that say don't let them berry for a year...that is too long for me.  

Junipers that were placed in preset holes for other things...they are still in their pots

Front yard, are you sure it's November?

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