Friday, March 1, 2013

Baldwin County Heritage Museum..camellias and azaleas

If you asked me if I were a charitable person, I would say no.  If you asked me if I were a liberal person...I would be a little hesitant in answering but I would say right of center.   Sometimes, I think I just don't like causes too much expectation.  

That being said the boys (sons) and I volunteer at the Baldwin County Heritage Museum.  In respect to liberalism...I think the most liberal thing I when I started my own firm.  I have very mixed feeling about affirmative action (I'm Hispanic) and this is not exactly what I did.....  When I started out in accounting, I saw too many times resumes, thrown in the trash for an ethnic name..  These were for intern positions to boot.  

When I started my own firm...I assure those resumes did NOT go in the trash.  On the contrary, I had a wide variety of backgrounds in my firm (and I did not ask what religion, nationality, background didn't matter).  They still had to past the had to be a good candidate...but just because you were older, language barrier, skin color, did not matter.  We were IHOP when I was done.  As a result of not asking, you run into situations sometimes...not bad ones.

For instance,   I used stock food in the firm for the interns to eat.  One day I asked my office manager why some of the interns were not eating the ham sandwiches.  He explained that their religion did not allow it...I looked at him and said "Turkey next time?"  He said good idea.   I do feel good that the internship got them a foot in the door to get positions...again was not obligated but I felt it was unfair for employers to do that and I was glad I could help.

 So that all being said....I did want to shoot pictures of the museum.  I don't volunteer hardly at all now a days because of gardening, but they do have rose bushes their that need tending to....I would like to offer my services in that department...not out of a sense of obligation...I just don't like the idea of feeling obligated...I just want to help with the bushes...not sure why.  Anyway, I don't have time to post captions today..but I think the pictures say enough.

Other pictures I took at the museum last husband and I have three children (two his and one is mine)....this is the now 13 year old daughter...beautiful isn't she

Other cool pics I took..and yep...I took them


HolleyGarden said...

Beautiful place! I can see why you volunteer there. And I am sure they appreciate a rose lover helping out, too. Lovely daughter.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Holley...I bought that book you reviewed the other week...Garden Clubs of America Public and Private...great are right..lots of a great read...for something you want to look at and not think about.

NellJean said...

Your daughter is precious.

Your stunning photos of camellias pruned as trees may influence my difficult decision to prune my old camellias as trees or not. Maybe I'll just start with one. It's hard to start cutting the bottoms off when they bloom all the way to the ground.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

She is my husband's daughter and the spitting image of him. The black and white photo reminded me of the painting..the girl with the pearl earring.

It is spectacular over there. It is the best time of year to be over there. The camellias I donated to them (10 pink snow camellias) were planted in the front. I was so pleased to see them there.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell, regarding the camellia trees...they do look spectacular...but I understand completely the hesitation. Sometimes I give tours over there (when volunteering) showing the back chapel, etc. One day someone mentioned how they needed to be pruned ..the camellias I mean. I am not sure what she ADHD was kicking in...but I am sure it was in reference to them.