Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bare Root Roses Starting to Bloom ...

 The bare root roses I planted in January and February are starting to bloom.  Most that are not blooming do have buds on them.  Given the number of cultivars I have, I may or may not have the right rose named.  I do have a rose maps and entries to verify the rose...

I believe this is Promise

I believe this is Electron

Climbing iceberg

Dr. Huey?  Was supposed to be climbing iceberg

Climbing golden showers

Same as above

Summer Snow

Same as above

I believe this is Double that rust on the leaves?

I don't remember what this is...could be Gold Glow

Green Ice...sorry for the lack of resolution


The established roses have been blooming.  Most have buds.  Only Gold Medallion and Sundowner do not currently.


Rainbow knockout


Tangerine Streams

Sunny Knockout tree

Impatient rose



Roses along the driveway

Double Knockout


Paradise close up

Climbing golden showers

Climbers do better when they are horizontal

Roses near the creek...  American climbing blaze, Don Juan, and Impatient.

Don Juan


Climbing Blaze

Journal Notes....Charisma near Ebb Tide, ...Two Don Juans behind Olympias   ..I think the JFK bare root from Lowe's is a gonner
A few of the cuttings have made it.  Isabella is doing fine.

Mexican Heather


NellJean said...

Dr. Huey is red. Bright red.

It may be mislabeled, different rootstock or a fluke of nature. Wait and see what the next blooms look like.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

This was a peach color...I may have switched the accident...believe me that was possible

HolleyGarden said...

Not Dr. Huey. And I think that's blackspot on your Double Delight. Isn't it exciting to have all the roses starting to bloom?!! The roses along the driveway look fabulous. I bet it is thrilling to pull up to your house!

NellJean said...

You asked somewhere about yellow roses and fading. Sunny Knockout fades the most and the fastest. Julia Child fades less than Sunny KO but more than the Chicken Rose aka Nacogdoches or Grandma's Yellow. Grandma's Yellow is the brightest crayon yellow, Julia Child is a buttery color and you know Sunny. All are about the same size bush.

I can't remember how badly Eclipse fades but it starts out pretty pale. I don't think a yellow rose exists that doesn't fade some before the petals shatter. Just deadhead when they aren't pretty any more.