Friday, April 12, 2013

Training Climbing Roses....Suggestions?

 The bare root climbers are growing fast.  I better start training them before they go the wrong direction.  Not sure exactly how to do this because the roses are growing on different things.  Suggestions on training them?  Below,  I will show you what they are and what they are growing on.

 This is a climbing golden shower.  They grow very fast.  I planted this one last year but a hurricane snapped a few of the branches of.  It does not like heat and tolerates shade.  I doesn't bloom heavily, but could be because of where it is place.  Right now, it's about to bloom.  This one is zip tied.

There are two climbing golden showers around the back porch.  They are meant to go up a pillar.  These were bare roots.  The rain last night beat the above up pretty bad from the roof.

This is the pillar it will be growing up but there is also curtains there now too....

This is a far view.  As you see the porch is elevated, so they will be climbing a wall too.  The corner of the house..on the right...has a climber too.  It needs to climb a brick wall.  Below is the rose.

This one is climbing Pinata.  It will need to be trained to go up a wall.

This rose...(I know hard to see) is an Altissimo with a dragon fly above it.  Was gonna train it to climb the dragonfly???

Outside of this pen are five rose bushes.  At the ends there are two climbing white icebergs and the three center are Europenas.  Europenas aren't climbers.  The idea is to have the icebergs climb above the Europenas.

This is the pen in question.

In the interior of the pen, the morning glories wasted no time sprouting.
 Gonna have to train them too.....
There are two climbing roses in the back of the rose garden...thought is to climb the tree??  This one is climbing golden shower...and on  the opposite side is..a climbing Don Juan

Climbing Don Juan....Don Juan grows slower...
Although kind of hard to see...the tree is slightly right of center in this picture behind the sky pencil.  The idea is the have the yellow and red climber grow up the tree...

I should learn not to take pictures at mid day...these are the roses I have been taking care of at the Museum. They are looking very healthy.  Yesterday, all the roses (including these) had a dose of sewer sludge and it smelled it too.

These climbers are called Stormy Weather and they are growing up a fence like thing below a sign.

Budding nicely....very healthy looking.

Stormy weather.  I wanted to include the link for my own curiosity.  Beautiful rose here is the LINK

You can't see it...the wind blew but it has a low lying branch..thinking of wounding it and putting rootone and a rock to propagate it...just worried that someone will move it.  It's not my I didn't opt to do this.

On the left is a Don Juan that I treat as a shrub.  Next to him, is Impatient and behind them climbing the pole is American Climbing Blaze.
Don Juan has HUGE red roses..this one is about to open.

Climbing golden showers from previous.

We have all kinds of natural vines on the property....another blogger mentioned that the below is a crossvine?

OKAY.....Different subject.....IS this what I think it is!!!!  I hope so....

 The first rose I planted was Gold Medal rose..that my husband bought me for Valentines day.  I affectionately call the plant Johnnie Bear because that is what I call my husband.  I attempted to pollinate Johnnie Bear with tweezers.  None of my rose seeds had come up.  Johnnie Bear was moved to the rose bed in the back.  Yesterday, I was doing my garden walk before a storm and I looked down in the sand and saw this!   Is this a rose??????   It grows like a rose and the leaves look like a I a momma???? I know silly but if this is a rose it will be the most sought after rose ever.  My husband and I married a couple of years ago and have three children, but none together.  The boys are going off to college soon so we aren't having like most couples...(they usually get dogs as children) ...I am opting for a rose....I do hope it is a rose....

 I want to say this is Johnnie bear but looks like Gold Medallion

The accidental cuttings are taking off.....I have no idea what these are but they are sprouting and some are probably climbers.


NellJean said...

Will your climbing roses where the curtains are be thornless? Otherwise I see a conflict.

Do you really want a rose on a guy wire? I would put a post or trellis between the guy wire and where I look from. Just lead the eye in another direction.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I don't want them on wires but for the moment, I need them to go in another direction...that being said, I can just wait like I did for the other roses and when they get long enough, have them go in another direction...the golden showers I think have thorns but, ironically do not see much of a conflict, but if there is..the roses will win...

On the little plant in the pot, do you think that is a rose??? I think it is...

NellJean said...

It does look like a rose, in the little pot.

If I had a rose like Golden Showers planted to run up a guy wire (the one with the yellow cover on it), I think I would place rebar or T-posts around it, 4 or 5 and start training the rose now instead of waiting for long canes that are hard to handle. Think of roses you've seen growing on a fence: the canes coming straight up have few blooms. The canes turning and growing horizontally on top the fence are where the blossoms are. It isn't that they're at the top, the canes growing parallel to the ground break new growth and buds. Of course I don't have the photo of the famous rose guy working with a lady's roses, but he twined them 'round and 'round from near the ground so there would be lots of horizontal limb area.

I hope you comprehend what I'm trying to say. Google 'pegging roses' and see another way to get them to break buds.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Nell. I will look. Some roses grow faster than others. Climbing golden showers seem to grow twice as fast as Don Juan. After tax season, I will start training them. I will google pegging roses...are you saying that horizontal canes grow more roses?

NellJean said...

There are pictures on my Seedscatterer blog post titled 'Pink Roses, Snake & Zebra' showing horizonatal canes with a bud break from dormant buds along the length. The same roses where canes grow upright, only a bud or two grows at the top. Labor intensive but worth your while.

Remember that newly planted climbers need a year or two to get going but you can encourage lateral growth at the beginning.