Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gold Medal Rose. ...Rose of the Week

 I think I'll start a personal tradition of featuring a rose a week.  It may be a thing on other blogs but since I am new and don't know what I am doing, I'll claim ignorance.  That being said, I thought it befitting to chose the first rose I planted.  Gold Medal...which I affectionately call Johnnie Bear.  My husband bought this for me on Valentine's Day last year.  We were at Wal-Mart and it caught my eye and so my husband bought it for me.  You will notice I am not opposed to buying roses anywhere except on mail order company that does not specialize in roses (per se) but I did not have a good experience with.  I'll remain silent as to the company.  That being said, I am certain that some nurseries are better than others...but I always think of it as I do generic vegetable.  The corn doesn't know it is generic and neither does the rose.   In any event, it's beautiful.

When it starts to open as this one is, it is a deep yellow with apricot edges.

You'll have to forgive the backdrop, this is at the corner of a large underground irrigation system that is being put into place.  Right now he is pruned to about four feet.  The rose doesn't repeat as often as some, but that could have been location before.  
The sun eventually fades it to shades of buttercream and pink.  It is a huge guess is 5"?

Johnnie Bear is towards the back of the rose bed.
This is what the rose looked in March 2012, one month after I planted it.  It is the rose on the left.  To the right is a Gold Medallion rose.  The spot was horrible, very clay, and hot.  It was hard to get water to this spot.  I eventually moved the rose.  The Gold Medallion stayed.
In October.  I tried crossbreeding it with Europena, I think but no rose hip developed.  The seeds I have gotten failed to sprout BUT!
After I moved the rose last fall, there was this empty sandy hole where it once was.  A few weeks ago I was walking by and I saw this!  It looks like a rose seedling where the Gold Medal was.  If it lives (and is a rose), I will call her Isabella.

Want more information on the Gold Medal Rose?  Click HERE.


HolleyGarden said...

Very pretty! I love that color, and the shading on the ends of the petals. I don't grow this rose, so it's always nice to learn about more roses!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

It is a very pretty rose. It's sentimental because it is the first rose I planted and it was a Valentine's day gift. It is a good cut rose but doesn't last as long as say Europena, which last forever. But that being said, it is a pretty yellow rose and very large.

NellJean said...

One of the most often mentioned grandifloras and a beautiful yellow, are you going to plant more of this one?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Actually, I haven't run across it again, but perhaps I have and didn't note it. I am using these as a trial garden almost and trying out all kinds of cultivars. Not sure, but I am inclined too. I am waiting to see what Golden Masterpiece looks like. I would like a yellow rose that doesn't fade...if there is such a thing...

LTB said...

Very Nice!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, LTB..Very little least not compared to the Stormy Weather rose bushes at the museum.