Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rose Garden Vista while sitting in your living room...I highly recommend it!

I haven't been posting because I have been terribly behind on house work...wonder why??? lol.  Anyway, after a long fight with a kitchen sink I opted to sit down on the couch and surf the web.  Then I looked up and to the right, and this is what I saw.  I am certain the picture does not do it justice, but it was magnificent.  Sitting on my couch, and seeing the beautiful splashes of color.  I couldn't recommend it more.  This post will be brief as I have some bathrooms to tackle.  But I can't wait till everything is in bloom.  Right now, only 10 percent is showing.

A closer look from the door

Journal entry notes...more for me than readers
Three Green Ice in front corner nearest porch

Two tropicana

East of magnolia

First Prize on east side of pussy willow

Mr. Lincoln west side of pussy willow

Got two new resident baby armadillo that refuse to leave and unconcerned with my presence

This morning.

Begonia likes the shade.  Put tassles on curtains...and unfortunately the cat like its...will need to put a sago palm under the curtain, I think

Bottle brushes are blooming

Ferns are doing just fine.

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