Monday, April 1, 2013

Journal entry..rose cutting and cashmere bouquet

Just a boring journal entry for my records....
Planted the tangerine streams....yes, these are the cuttings that I actually succeeded at.  Probably premature to put in the ground but I have poor results with keeping roses in pots....well, they were free... located behind Queen Elizabeth's and mystery roses

Worked on the back corner behind the chairs

Planted cashmere bouquets between big daddy hydras

Put moss roses in hanging basket

General rose garden area...I think my mother was right..the grass is going to be a huge problem that I will need to address.


NellJean said...

Someone on a forum online several years back said she went to hear a famous horticulturist speak. He said, "Bermuda Grass always wins." Ever since, I go out with tools and work and chant, "Dig, dig, dig; pull, pull, pull; Bermuda grass shall NOT win." Sometimes I can stay ahead, sometimes grass is winning.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...I think we have centipede grass...the black screen seemed to block the very aggressive weeds around the back porch...yes, black screen is a pain to clean up but if you were me and the rose bed is on a slope and the area is 2000 sq feet...what would you use or do...too close to mow...

NellJean said...

We have Centipede grass, too, and Bahai. Bermuda just will come get in flower beds, who knows where it comes from? Centipede will crawl into beds but it rips out pretty easily if you don't let it get too far ahead. Once it establishes, dig, dig, dig.

I think your rye grass is going to die down next month, mine too.

In some of my flower beds, I layer cardboard, brown kraft paper (I save packing material when we get parts by Fedex and UPS) and newspapers and then put compost and mulch over them so everything breaks down and there's no clean-up like with non-compostables. Cardboard/paper/mulch smothers weeds if you don't let them get too big before you start and keeps new warm-season weeds from coming up.

A good sharp hoe may be your best friend.