Sunday, April 7, 2013

Morning glories...covering a fence fast....I think

I'm a CPA and it's the beginning of April so I don't know how much I will post.  A few days ago (I think) I purchased seed from Dollar General..  Last year, I bought these same seeds (Morning Glory) that is and they did bloom and were very pretty...they were just in a horrible spot.  In the corner of the rose garden that I have been contrsucting for months is a (future guard dog) pen.  Currently, it's just a pen.   I want to not "be a pen" so I opted to plant Morning Vines.....we'll see how this turns out.  PS Given the fact that tax day approaches, you'll forgive me if my posts are scatterbrained.
It isn't super visible but just above the statue and to the left you see a trampoline that I have to remember to tell my husband to move and a pen.  I want to be overwhelmed with flowers, so I am going to try growing morning glory vine on it.

I did "clean up" the mess that was in this area, but you see the pen in question in the back.

I do have Europenas and two iceberg climbers to grow on top of the pen.

Inside the pen I have azaleas, dahlias, strawberries, name a few things...the way this pen is going, I will need to choose a chihuahua as my guard dog.

This has nothing to do with Morning glories..but you want a non-garish garden ornament...this is a dragon fly above an Altissimo climber

The above is just want the rose garden looks like, right.

They say to soak the seed over night...they have a hard shell...I, also, read to scarify them?  I took a finger nail clipper and pinched the hull

More angles on the rose gardens

Container plants "reserve" the  rose cuttings that amazingly have survived.

Just another angle

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NellJean said...

The classic companion for climbing roses is Clematis vine.

I would think you want perennial vines rather than morning glories when you decide on a permanent plan. Confederate jasmine is a good, fragrant evergreen climber.

I am not a vine fan but they do have their place and I let Pipevine have its way behind the greenhouse because it is a butterfly host.

We'll be looking for lots of posts after the fifteeneth when all extensions are filed.