Friday, April 19, 2013

Is my bare root rose dead?

If you haven't followed my blog I have been designing a huge rose garden that is approx. 3000 square feet.  I planted tons of bare roots...I don't remember how many but this particular rose garden has over 80 roses in with I suppose 60 being bare root.  This a guess.  Of those, two aren't doing well.
I was bragging about this one as being one of the healthiest look bare roots I ordered... I suppose I spoke too soon.  It is Ebb Tide..from Edmund's.  Although, I don't think it's dead...I am starting to see the red eyes poking.  It's unwaxed.

Here is a JFK.  Unlike the above bare root, I am less optimistic for this one.  It still has some green on a cane but it is not looking good.  I have trimmed it before but it still has heavy wax on it.  not sure if removing the was will help.  This I bought from Lowe's.

I suppose if the canes are green, there is still hope.  It is raining today, but will cut them tomorrow...and hope for the best.  Ebb Tide I think is alright...just a late bloomer...literally.

Would love comments from bare root growers...

Meanwhile...the established roses (planted last year) are starting to bloom nicely.

Climbing Golden showers seem bigger this year.

Climbing American Blaze

Don Juan...this one I recommend for this area.

Impatient rose

Creekside roses.....   It gets very, very hot in this area and they are completely okay will a lot of water.

Can't tell it but this is a far cry better than a few days ago when the rye grass was past my knees


Paradise rose


Gold Medal (I nicknamed Johnnie Bear)

Tangerine Streams


Lady Diana looks nothing like her picture

Is this the infamous Dr. Huey that was suppose to be Climbing Iceberg?

Sunny yellow knockout tree

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Jean Campbell said...

You might just declare a waiting period for about 3 weeks. Some are slow to put out new growth. You'll worry yourself to death and then one day there will be new growth. Toward the end of May if all but one or two have shown signs of life, promise them another week or two and then do what you must.

'Rose de Rescht' has tiniest leaf buds and I wait. And wait. the ones not watched seem to do better, lol.