Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grecian Themed Rose Garden... Before and After...Still in Progress

I have been working on a Grecian Themed Rose Garden for months.  It is starting to take shape but I conservatively have about two months left before it's completion.  A great deal has been done but it is getting close.

Given that I am a CPA and it's April 14th...forgive my lack of explanations...

Below are the Before Pictures that were taken at Christmas.  I spend a great deal of time on the back porch so the project of the year was the back yard.  
From the back porch looking west there were a lot of trees blocking the view.  The back of the property is 9 acres.  There are some rose bushes a cold frame, etc

Weeds grew near the back windows of the house.

You could see some clear area.

Back Porch to pool

Stepping on the back porch one side was covered with shrubs.

 After of today....

 Back chairs will have cushions.  Crepe myrtles and more cashmere bouquets will be put in place.  The pool needs to be cleaned.  The pipes for irrigation have been laid but the wiring for six zones still need to be done.  There are over 80 rose bushes in this just can't see them yet.  Many other plants and ornamentals are put into place as well...It will be almost overwhelming, I suspect..but this is a "personal" garden so I am less self conscious of my choices.  Here you see a grecian fountain and a the Roman Goddess Aurora "Goddess of the Dawn"  Under her is Mexican Heather.
his is a mock up...the roses are the "not real" part of this picture..just wanted to get a sense of what it will look like  but in reality there are over 50 roses planted in this view including climbers that will go up the pillar and the tree in the back ground.
A most of the trees and weeds were cleared out.

In it's place sky pencils and tons of roses.  It really opened up the area.

The back was cleared too and paths lead you from the pool to the back fields.

Put lots of container plants.  Staining the concrete floors.  Going for an outdoor room concept.

Husband is mounting a brass sundial.


View from the living room.

Thrift stores have been my best friend.  Bad picture but I put ivy around the bottom of this tv to cover negative space.

Before picture of screened back porch

 After pictures

Roses are planted to climb the pillars

Husband work on the rock plinth for the sundial.  Other various detail are below.

Still need to figure out how to form the path

Over 50 roses here.  This needs to be edged, screened, and mulched still.

Sundail being mounted.

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