Friday, April 5, 2013

Bare Roots starting to Bud

Well, the bare roots are starting to bud...I had to pull out my rose map and found it was not up to date...The first one I think that will bloom is Purple Tiger...seen below.   Most of my established roses are budding but the bare roots are starting to get into the action as well.  Some of these are guesses, but I do have the map so most are right.  When I mean map...if you haven't followed me is that there are so many roses in the garden that I don't know which are which without and it isn't up to date I found.  Glad I journaled them earlier in the season.

Purple Tiger was planted rather a month ago maybe?  Anyway, looks like it is blooming..

Hard to see but knockout yellow rose tree...this wasn't a bare root.

I think this is Eclipse....One of the bareroots I bought from Dollar General..I'll know better when it blooms

Don Juan Climber ..bare root

Some of the roses aren't doing well..this one is okay

According to the rose map...this is a isn't doing well at all... it had heavy wax on it too...I don't think I like wax on bare roots but I understand why it's there

According to Map...Electrons are budding

So are Queeen Elizabeths

Queen Elizabeth

Tropicanas from Dollar General seem to be making it.

This wasn't a bare root but Lady Diana...seems the pinks are quick out the gate..

They look real healthy

Wish the weather was always like bushes (established ones) look fabulous.

I put the container plants behind the pink bed...those 48 accidental cuttings are growing so I wanted to reserve a spot

Even the mystery roses are budding

Tulip Tree..Just wanted to show it...cause it's pretty...

Staghorn is back in its place by the, it has gotten big....My mother-in-law bought if for me last May and it was the size of softball roughly

Don Juans are looking strong..


HolleyGarden said...

Oh! Your garden will soon be filled with blooms! A lot of mine got frozen in the last freeze. :( I love your staghorn, too! Didn't realize they grew so fast!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Tonight, is going to be 46 degrees...I have a lot of tropicals out right now, but most I feel will not be bothered...after tonight, I suspect smooth sailing..what do you have in bloom?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I looked up last year's footage...It was smaller than that..but I had owned it about a month in this link...and the pic above it is why I bout the staghorn..I saw one at Bellingrath...