Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heirloom Roses Order ..Green Ice Miniatures

Recently, I had a lot of overtime, and opted to buy roses in a color I did not have...Green.  So Heirloom roses had them in stock for about $8.50 if memory serves.  If you want to see what the roses look like, click HERE

 So the package came in yesterday.
I always assume I am getting bare root roses but there are a couple of times I have not.  The Memphis Music Roses came as cuttings in dirt.  Opening the box it was housed in tissue.  Outside the box reads open immediately and water.

So opening the box I was so used to getting bare roots I was surprised to see plants.  Now, I have no idea what to do with miniatures or where to plant them but I'll learn.  I don't have a lot of luck with container roses...  It gets very hot down here and most area people I talk to , who do have green thumbs say they have horrible luck with roses....  I, always, say.... it's water.  The heat here is unbelievable and with containers you have to water twice as much as you would with in the ground. 

 I'll figure it out where to put them.  They may stay in these pots for another day as I am volunteering at the local museum today, pruning and trimming camellia and azaleas..

Meanwhile back at the creek, the rye grass has truly gotten out of poor mower...  I thought rye grass was supposed to die off?


NellJean said...

Bite the bullet and let it head out and turn brown. Once it goes to seed its life is over. Just mow paths along the edge so it looks intentional.

NellJean said...

If those were my miniatures and I didn't want containers I would make them a little bed where all 3 could stay together. That way they will have a bigger visual impact.

You could put them together with with a rose colored rose that doesn't grow very large for the contrast in color. Charisma is the size I have in mind but the vivid colors of Charisma are too much for the delicate green of Green Ice.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Charisma I have only one of...but I do agree on keeping them together...I have Memphis Music bed...those are miniflora...whatever that means but it's a separate bed..they colors don't clash but where ever I put these new roses that have yet to go in the ground (approx. 20) they will not be isolated.

garden lady from Germany said...

Hello from Northern Germany to Alabama,

I just came over the Green Ice Rose in a wonderful book showing around 2000 different roses... Searching the internet for the rose, I came across your blog. Now I am really interested how your roses developed? Must be really hot in Alabama at that time. Here abouts it is 19°Celsius today, cool and windy. Sending you some cool wind over the ocean and looking forward to eventually hear from you,


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

My Green Ice are doing really well. They are in a very hot spot. The temperature today was 96F which is roughly 35C with the humidity it feel much more. I have been very busy with my gardens so I haven't given the attention this year, like I normally do ...but since it's on its own root system I feel like that helps.

Jamie said...

Wow they doubled the price this year $20 per banded pot

Jamie said...

They grow very fast! I planted 2 in a large urn last August and this year have grown about 2 feet with hundreds of blooms