Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter blooms and garden journal

Well, I feel that I am out of the fear of frost arena, and now let the heat begin...
Tulip trees blooming

Daffodils and tulips coming up but very slowly

Dogwoods, bradford pears have no sign of waking

Iris are thinking about it

Wild clover

Indian blanket maybe done for the season, who knows.

Wild wisteria

Grape Hyacinth

Tulip tree

Knockouts have been blooming for a while

Impatient, Don Juan, American Climbing blaze and climbing golden showers look real healthy ..fed them fish emulsion...smells as good as it sounds.

Put out the containers out of the greenhouse  because they were cooking in there.

Tulips and Daffodils blooming.

Easter lilies coming up but not blooming..

Haven't decided what to do with all the container plants.

My mother in law gave me Mystic Haze Dahlias



Encore Azaleas

George Tabor Azaleas

Moss Roses

My new roman sundial came in.

Mums and Azaleas

Camellias and a ton of other plants waiting to go into the ground.

Pink snow camellias turn peach in the sun, I think.

Cold frame still has a ton of plants

Greenhouse is slowly vacating.

Cuttings are prob too hot but I am stress testing.

Gerber Daisies


NellJean said...

I think your Indian Blanket will go right on blooming if you keep faded blooms cut off.

Easter Lilies (longiflorum lilies) never bloom at Easter again once they go in the ground. They get special treament in a commercial greenhouse to bloom on schedule for Easter. They bloom in our climate late May and in June farther north. Or maybe that's June here and July farther north, but not Easter.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...I think I will deadhead them (blanketflower). In respect to the lilies, yeah, I heard they don't bloom at Easter and forced to for the stores..