Sunday, May 12, 2013

Butterfly Garden Update at the Baldwin County Heritage Museum

Given that I have so many projects going on, by the time I got to the butterfly garden it will be August and I wanted something in it.  So, we weeded it, black cow on it, fertilized it, and I started cutting some of the limbs above it to give it more sunshine.

Brought my "very dirty" bird bath top over because they have a pedestal for the corner of the L

Got my blade stuck in one of the limbs that I complained about for half an hour but my husband got it out with a ladder.   I still need to cut a few more limbs off.

Since we aren't getting to the bamboo anytime soon...we may but I don't know if they are I was going to take some of the bricks that were under the church an sort of stack around the pipes...(bandaid it until a more permenant concept can be completed...these do not support the church so they will give it a more rustic? look.

The other think I do at the museum is take care of their roses...imagine that.  I take care of the bushes on either end (and subsequently the other plants because they are in proximity.)

Not sure what type of rose but the wood had hardened and was not looking well...they are looking much better I think.

I have also been taking care of the Stormy Weather Climbers by the front sign.  They really have taken off.

This is what they looked like one month earlier.  I had pruned them shortly before this.

There are four.  These are the two on the other sie.

I used zip ties to peg them horizontal.

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