Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why doesn't my rose plant have leaves?

 Ocassionally, my roses will have no leaves.  In the summer, I think it is because of heat stress.  I have three rose bushes with issues right now.  Touch of Class, Mr. Lincoln, and Tangerine streams.
This is Touch of Class.  There is screen and mulch on this plant.  I think the reason in all cases is black spot.  The grass grows around the plant, causing less circulation.  The plant gets black spot and the leaf falls off.  You see the new growth but I am avoiding an issue I need to severely address....blocking these weeds.

Hard to see the canes for the grass

Mr. Lincoln.  It was also heavily mulched but the grass is very aggressive.  Can you believe this is rye grass that I planted last fall?  Not to self...No more rye grass...or at least not as much...

Tangerine streams is recovering but the grass is inside the canes and the canes are very thorny.

Better view of Touch of class.  Moral of the story...disease has caused the leaves to fall off.

Journal Notes..more for me than readers.

Back rose bed

Tropicana I bought from DG

Ketchup and Mustard

I don't know what this easy or remember but it's very pretty...could be Peace, New Year's Day or Montezuma

Corner of the Rose bed

The back porch be likes the regular water but time to guide the climbers.

Sundial mounting is complete do I train it on a brick wall?

Gardenias are blooming

This very aggressive weed looks like it has pea pods?

Endless Summer Hydrangeas benefited from the pruning...  Last year, I had a serious issue with black spot on them, they look real healthy right now.  Will be more preventative this year.

 Memphis Music
Gosh, I love this rose.

St. Patricks.


NellJean said...

One of your readers already wrote on another post of the importance of getting the grass out. Now.

Put on leather gloves, get out a three-pronged cultivator, pull back the mulch to reveal the soil and Dig, dig, dig, Pull, pull, pull until the grass is gone.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

You ever have one of those tasks that you will do anything in the world not to do?? This is it. My son graduates Tuesday then afterward, I will get on it...bought tons of screening today....

NellJean said...

Congratulations to the fellows graduating.

Time to bite the bullet and get at it, as soon as the graduation is behind you. It would be a shame to let such pretty roses 'go to grass' as Daddy used to say.

You asked what my 'Little Golden Book' meant. The people who publish 'Little Golden Books' for dhildren published a series of Nature Guides in the 70s. I have Trees, Flowers, Weeds, Non-Flowering Plants, and Spiders and their Kin. They are the best ID references I have, quick and easy.

HolleyGarden said...

Yes, roses will lose leaves from blackspot. They will grow back, if that is it. I thought rye grass would die in hot weather, but obviously, it likes your climate! I have that aggressive weed with the pods, too. It seems every year I get a new weed to have to deal with! As for attaching a climbing rose to the brick wall, try either putting a wood or metal trellis behind it. If it gets too big, you can attach wires to the brick wall with eyescrews. Congratulations to your graduate. I've been out of town for a few days. My, oh, my how the weeds grow when your back is turned!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...I remember those now. Didn't they have gold edges? I feel better that graduation is over...I feel renewed.

@Holley, I amaze myself in the fact that I plant grass and then complain about it. I do love the rye grass because it is like winter never comes..this year I won't plant as much...thanks for the tip on the roses...