Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hydrangeas....How to change the color to blue or pink?

For your newbies, did you know you can change the color of a lot of hydrangeas.  Don't you wish it were this easy with pregnancy?    I prefer purple/blue over pink especially in front of a red house.
To make them purple, I sprinkle aluminium sulfate.

I sprinkle around the hydrangeas drip line.
Taken last summer.  Sometimes a rouge flower will come out pink on the same plant.  My MIL said it needed a stern talking to...

To those who want it to be pink, I believe you add Lime.  For more information, click HERE.
Theses are the hydras now.  They love being pruned.  They were late leafing up and about to bloom as soon as get all the weeds out from in front of it.

Thursday is always feeding day and since it's been raining, I like to use granular.  So I did a sprinkle of Rose Care on the roses. ones

Transplanted Endless Summer Hydra

Big daddy hydras

The cold frame hydras are really growing big...need to put them in the ground.

Journal Notes

Took 4 hours to clean dirt out of the pool....Note to self...don't powerwash the dirt and allow the it to get into the pool.

Split Leaf Philodendron is terribly root bound.

Creekside area is high thanks to the rains...but haven't flooded the bank.

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