Friday, May 17, 2013

I finished the Museum's butterfly garden..woohoo!

If you don't follow the blog, I volunteer at the Baldwin County Heritage Museum.  I take care of their roses and, also, helped installing a butterfly garden.  I am very proud of this.  A lot of the volunteers there do great things, like build whole buildings, and wire it and stuff.  I am simply not that talented but I was proud I made something tangible..albeit, minor.  This is the before picture
Then I cleared the weeds with the help of another volunteer, Joe.  And I cleared the limbs above the garden.

I planted a whole bag of butterfly mix.  I used black cow, miracle gro and a sprinkle of milorganite.

Last year, I used Pennington's wildflower mix in my front field and it was huge.  Below are the after pics.
With the help of the chairman of the museum, we painted the pipes green.  I donated a bird bath top and put it on a pedastal that they had.  I then laid bricks on top of the pipes.  There is wildlife (ie skinks) that live in the pipes and they still have access to them.  

Wildflower mix does not waste time sprouting

The roses I take care of.

There were two miniature roses that I take care of on either side of this hydrangea.  As a result, I take care of the hydrangea as well.

I wish I had taken before pictures because these look really good compared.

I, also, take care of four Stormy Weather roses.

Before pic

They've wasted no time growing...I will need to zip tie the new growth but when I tried on Tuesday, the bees were not having it.

Journal Notes...more for me than readers
Front field ornamentals

Arches...I think I want to put Lady banks in the middle..will see.

White flowering bush by creek.,,,can't remember name

Junipers in front of barn

Used pool shock to clean water in fountain.  Soaked nozzle head on fountain which cleared out holes that were not spitting water in dishsoap.

Black Bacarra is blooming
Golden Masterpiece
Ketchup and Mustard Rose

Tropicanas I bought from Dollar General

Purple Tiger


Electron is a huge rose

Unknown pink roses

My own creation...Isabella.  I can't wait to see her bloom.

Electron is just huge.


NellJean said...

Good use of the bricks that were just hanging around the museum. Gives the butterfly bed an early period look rather than a commercial border of white PVC which is one of the most undecorative materials known.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I believe they were old telephone poles..or at least that is what the museum's chairman....I just set them on the pipes...when the flowers come up...I doubt you will see them at all...if they were anything like last year's. In about a month and half...I think I'll start seeing blooms. We will probably use the bamboo at some point but I definitely wanted seeds in the ground before the year progresses.

LTB said...

The pipes are leftover drainage pipes and You did a great job Janie!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Oh okay...Ralph said something about telephone poles..but you know my memory....and thanks Tammy.... I suspect it will be just lovely....

I need to get my annuals in the ground before it is too late.