Saturday, May 25, 2013

Journal.. Screening & Mulching Rose Bed Continues

Just taking a break from the heat of the day.  With renewed vigor, I continue to screen and mulch the rose garden.  Bear in mind, one strip is approximately 60 feet.  It's a pretty boring post unless you want to see someone screen a large rose bed.

I probably should have started with the bottom but who knows.  Today was cooler, but the pool is down over 6 inches so we are in for droughty weather.

My goal is to have this done before June 20 (beginning of summer)

Started bricking in the corner of the path.

Lowe's is having a sale on mulch for $2.50.  Will definitely be taking advantage of that since the bed is over 2000 sq feet.

The plants are wilty. I watered yesterday.  The dark mulch I am sure does not help but this will be all irrigated with a timer divided in six zones from the manifold.

Will work on it more in an hour.

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