Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cleaning the Pond...Yuck!

 They say not to put ponds under trees....I definitely see why.  This is what my pond looked like in December.
One slight problem with the pond's location aside from it being under a tree is that the driveway is very curvy.  The fountain pond is along the driveway before you approach the house.  When you initially see it, it looked "off center"  So, I put a container juniper cut like a bonsai to the right that completely remedied the issue.  I was very proud of this.  When drive up to it...it does look centered.  Not in the above pic, but in use...it does anyway.

We installed it in November, below is pics of the installation.

I mulched a bunch of limbs and put it over the screen I had.  Yes, I ran out of screen.  I then put a top coat of purchased mulch.

But it got very nasty and cloudy over the winter.  Leaves had fallen into it.  I went and looked at pond cleaners that was very pricey.  This pond is approximately 3' by 5'.  So I opted to drain and clean it.  My husband had access to a sump pump so he drained it last night.

Yuck!  There is also a bunch of frogs I need to get out of there.

This is the sump pump

The pump itself needs to be cleaned.  Guess what I am doing this morning?


HolleyGarden said...

Ponds can be a lot of trouble, but so worth it. I bet it draws a lot of wonderful birds and wildlife to your garden.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Cleaning it was horrible...attempted to shock it....don't have fish in it...same stuff that we have in the pool...not chlorine..and the animals drink out of the pool so I assume it's conservative.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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