Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Newspaper Fiasco

Yesterday I picked up an old box from the museum of newspapers to block weeds.  I put it out just as it was starting to rain.   This morning I had a dental procedures for which I was knocked out.  This evening, I decided to garden walk and what a horrid mess.  Newspaper had flown all over the yard and litter was everywhere!
Grant you the wind blew so hard broke a picture.  Note, if the picture picks up any wind you need to secure it.  But newspaper was everywhere..

Even at the bottom of the pool that I spent hours cleaning....

Some of the newspaper I fished out before going back to lie down...well, today I felt defeated.

Double Delight is blooming.


Lea said...

Oh, what a mess, but Double Delight is stunningly beautiful!

To answer your question about the pecan tree. It was here when we moved here more than 30 years ago.

I hope you have help with the clean-up.
Lea's Menagerie

NellJean said...

Julie, I think the blogging community has done you a disservice in showing you completed gardens and close ups of roses on blogs, but no 'how to start a garden plot and deal with grass and weeds at the start.'

I looked at Lowe's basic rose gardening, Ask dot com's Basics of Rose Gardening and Rose Gardening Made Easy. There is much information, but nowhere did I see a statement about making clean areas free of grass and weeds before digging the 'amended holes' for roses, or anything else about dealing with weeds and grass.

You were further misled because most bloggers show a close-up flower or a perfect bed without telling how they got there.

We have to garden at the point we are, so now you need help in getting free of weeds and grass with specifics -- like 'newspapers will blow away unless they are wet and COVERED IMMEDIATELY with enough mulch to weight them in place.'

More later when I get back from Church. Get your questions together.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, what a mess - and with you not feeling well, it's double trouble. You have a very large bed to work there. But, most of my areas look the same way before I get around to mulching it. I think most people work the bed before planting, but I've always worked backwards. Your double delight is beautiful.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Hi all....

Yesterday the wind was so bad that it broke a picture off my wall...not the wall art but another was a confluence of events. The paper would not have flown away but for these huge, strong gusts of wind was have been having...
@Nell, I'm gonna take it piece by piece...cardboard did work okay for me...just can't believe the wind was so strong to cause it to blow like watering cans were scattered if that is an indication
@Holley...makes me feel better that yours looks like mine initially.

sherryocala said...

Janie, it's hard to believe one small thing like setting out a box of newspapers can cause such havoc and massive extra work. So sorry it happened to you. I wish you had help to dig out more of the grass around your roses. I know you're working on it little by little and that's understandable, but come hot weather and that St Augustine starts running, you are going to have an even worse headache than the newspapers. May I suggest that you put all other projects on hold until you dig away the grass from the base of your roses, gradually clearing beds of all grass? If the base of your roses get covered with grass, I'm afraid you will damage their root systems when you ultimately dig out the St Augustine that has grown over them. Please consider this. I'd hate to see you get even more discouraged than you are today. Your Double Delight is a beautiful thing!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks Sherry for the empathy, and I agree with you...part of being a beginner is learning (sometimes the hard way)....I do agree with what you are saying and I started a very ambitious project as a beginner...and I am learning what I should not do..but better to try and fail than not at all....I have learned a lot in the last year and I suspect much more to go but yes one way or the other the grass it getting was the fact that it's on a slope that makes me hesitant.