Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rose of the Week...Ebb Tide

 I had planned doing the established roses first before featuring the bare roots I planted.  But I had to mention this one.  I thought Ebb Tide was a goner...I even posted I thought it was dead.  In the post Is My Bare Root Dead?  But it lived.  I got the plant from Edmund's.
It looked extremely healthy which tells me that it was probably my doing that it didn't start out well.  I have lost three bare roots. One was a surprise.  Two were from Dollar General that were left over and half dead, however, in defense of DG.  The rest lived.  The other one was JFK.  I, also, saw a JFK in the trash bin at the co-op which suggests they may not do well as bare roots.  I bought my JFK from Lowe's and in defense of Lowe's approximately 80% of the bare roots I purchased this year was from Lowe's.

Anyway, she seems to being doing okay now.

A lot of her canes don't look well and I will probably cut them off.

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