Friday, May 10, 2013

Ignore This...Journal Notes...Long and Boring

I have learned to appreciate journal notes for is pretty boring so you might not be interested...just making notes
Wildflowers grow along drive

Chinese lanterns under tree canopy are still lighting

Need to line the drive without disrupting expanse

Ornamentals and weeping willow

Too many projects to put the peacock in now....grass had to be bushogged in front field...don't use so much rye seed next year....300 or less...this time

Bradfords and popcorn trees

Wild clover and wildflower growing in clay next to driveway

Peachtree is doing well now that spigot is in place

Spigots are now operational an so is the dedicated well

Peaches are larger this year so far

Arches...considering putting in lady banks between them or morning glory

Don't know if trellis will be able to hold the weight make the arches fill in to a wall.

Driveway looks clean but a bit bare


Need to peg the roses better




Roses along driveway

Junipers in front of barn

Playing with Picasa on the Savannah Bird Girl...Split leafs have to go in the ground...too root bound

Considering planting them where they are...soil is very dry and sandy however

 Playing with the editor again

Front of house

Barn that I am attempting to screen

Drive way curving around house

Magnolias are in bloom

Endless Summer Hydrangeas are starting to bloom

The pruning made them bushy I think

Encores finished blooming

Path leading to front porch

Climbing roses along brickwall

Back of house

Newly mulched bed

Rose garden is very, very weedy

Coleus, hydrangeas, zinnia, and climbing golden showers around porch...need to put the roses on a guidewire up pillar

Thorned begonia looks bigger

Need to plant more hydras here

Tarp of greenhouse

Need to put these in the ground

Really need to put these in the ground

Man, I don't want to talk about it

Need to clean up area

Dog pen

screened back porch



These things had two leaves on them and were half dead last are they doing the shade but bright area

Mother in laws tongue and ivy


NellJean said...
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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...I accidentally deleted the comment and now I don't know what it read...sorry, I can't figure out how to bring it back was about soaking roses.....I think it read until it was moist until the knuckle..

NellJean said...

I think I said I watered until the soil was moist as far as I could stick my finger into the ground. I don't water by time.

If you are interested, here's a link to the wildflower in your first pic.

Cutleaf Evening Primrose U of FL