Monday, May 20, 2013

Solarization to kill weeds, insects, etc?

I have a lot of gardening books.  My husband and I were in Pensacola where there was a Hobby Lobby and Books-A-Million next door.  For the record, Hobby Lobby had very, very affordable trellises...cheaper than   big box stores.  Anyway, in the clearance section I found this.  It is an unbelievable book and that is where I learned about solarization.

Unbelievably informative.  Anyway, it talked about solarization.  I haven't finished reading it but it's a great buy.

This is where you take clear plastic, lie it down and let the heat underneath kill the insects, weeds, and spores.   I found this article from the Florida extension office. Click HERE for more information.

 Man, that sounds easier than pulling.  At least until I get to the area.    I am considering doing this in the open areas around the roses but not immediately next to them. I wonder if it would help to put Round Up under the plastic first?

Journal Notes
A wild? peacock was running around the property last week for a few days...didn't realize there were wild peacocks.

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