Monday, June 17, 2013

Baldwin County Museum Update

I volunteer at a museum.  I take care of their roses, and a few other plants.  I, also, planted a butterfly garden.  This is the just an update.

 Stormy Weather looks great.  I don't water or feed it as much as my other roses but maybe I try to hard.  They have grown to three times the size they were.

 Sorry for the blurriness.  I, also, take care of some miniatures, and a hydrangea.
 The other miniature.
 Butterfly is a bit weedy.  We put some coresopsis? in it today as well.  But the I do see zinnia, comsos, and butterfly bush popping up.  Also, a vine that has purple flowers.  One day, I will figure out it's name but it isn't morning glory.

We transplanted a ailing camellia to a shadier and cooler spot.  I donated some hydrangeas and supplies from my stash, as well.


debsgarden said...

Hello, Janie. It must give you a lot of pleasure to help out at the museum. I am sure everyone there appreciates your hard work!

Also, thanks so much for stopping by my own blog. I am happy to meet another Alabama garden blogger, and I look forward to exploring your blog and finding out more about your own garden. In answer to your question, yes that was my garden in Alabama Gardener. It was very exciting to see my article published!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

That's awesome. I loved reading your blog...was trying to find it's sequence but I think I figured it out.