Friday, June 7, 2013

Journal Notes..Screening, Mulching, & Arrangements...

Sorry Guys...this is long and boring.  But my main motivation for the blog is to journal what I'm doing so I can (theoritically) learn from my mistakes and learn what worked and what did not.
Needed to use vacuum to clean dirt out of pool before putting fountain back.

I believe this is summer snow.  I need to tag the roses

Side of house with climbers.  Some of my Dollar General Roses are on their last leg.  These are doing okay.   I think the difference is that these were are on an automatic water timer and they were not.  Note to self...gonna buy distress bare roots...water constantly.

Finally, some rain!  Got about an inch but we have been in a drought.  The roses that are screened are faring better.  Not sure why.  Could be the ones up front were better cared for or are more premium roses.

Started screening the side.  Screen is a pain to clean but it does block weeds better.

The plants get run off from the roof.  West side of house.

Have to put bricks down because it is slightly sloping.  There is a septic tank in this area.  Soil is very clay like

Topped with leaves as filler

Covered with red mulch.  I accidentally cut my soaker hose, so at present these are not irrigated.  

Put more brick down.  When they get larger the climbers will need to be pegged to the wall.

I like to give flowers to service providers...if they are male, I give them to the secretaries.  It's a good idea to give flowers to secretaries anyway.  When I was a partner, I had two of them and they ruled my world.  So to any readers, if you grow flowers give them to people who take care of you, trust me.

Hydrangeas, gold medal, ch-ching.  I have not identified the pink one.

Bought a peach drift rose.  The blue girl next to it is struggling but I opte to leave her.

Peach drift was amended with a lot of mushroom compost.  I want to say I did the same to Isabella and boy is she taking off.

Location of peach drift.

Screening another section.

Screen purchased at dollar general.  Defintiely not as thick as some screens I have purchased but it's also cheaper.

Next bed I do, plant them with screening in mind.  I had to patchwork the screen which takes much longer.

The rains have caused the roses to bloom again.  I thought I was overwatering, but I clearly don't think so.  Even when the plant feels moist, the roses will droop....why is this?  

I think this is Montezuma

Moondance, I think.

Another Double Delight.  One thing is certain.  Because of the weeds touching the leaves, and the sprinkler...the black spot occurs, and the leaves fall off.

Blue girl, she is struggling....if the roses can just hold on, they will be fine.  Working hard to finish the bed.

Golden Masterpiece I think or Eclipse.

I think this is Ch-ching.  I will look it up but they grow very upright.

Peach Drift.   Same company that makes Knockouts.

Instead of leaves, I put cypress mulch instead.  Got too lazy to use leaves in this section and since the section will be seen more, I wanted a cleaner look.


We thought we may have a tropical storm in the area, but sadly it went another way.  Even with the recent rain, we need more.  

A very pretty sunset.

A very nice lady (who is a green thumb) gave me a rose bush last fall.  It was a very generous gift.  In return, I purchased two Moonstone's because I saw them at Bellingrath Gardens.  She loved my icebergs so I gave her one of the Moonstone's.  I, intentionally set out to buy her a rose for her gift.  Why didn't I get her an Iceberg?  No idea.   Anyway, hers have started to bloom and she   sent me the blooms.  They are lovely, aren't they?

She sent me a picture of her rose bed which looked very kept.

Vista from a future guest bedroom.  The Climbers need to be trained very shortly

The double pane window's seal evidently broke and now it's foggy.  Not sure what to do about it.

Sundial....will research how to clear it.


Tammy Kinney said...

Janie, try this site for info....

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I found that. For the moment, I cut what might have appeared to be it. Also, I think I may have found that insecticide you were talking about...hopefully, you could find a cheaper version of it...if this is it.