Monday, June 3, 2013

Journal..Concreting plinths, Digging holes, and Tornado Clouds

This post I realized kinda of showed a day in my life, lately.  Very foggy dawn.
I underestimated how grass is needed and is the backdrop of a garden.  When it is as deadlooking as it is, it really takes away from it.

Rye grass had finally died and the drought kinda of stopped new grass from growing, so watering it.

Mr. Lincoln's flower buds were limp even though the rose to appeared and felt as though it had water.  It was fine in the morning but the heat, humidity and UV makes it horrible.  When I water it it perks up?  Why does it do this?  Sometimes I wonder if the heat makes the water in the roots hot?  I will need to look this up.  My hydras do this too but they perk up in the evening.  Roses typically do not.

My wonderful husband is finishing the stone plinth of the sundial.  Many of my garden ornaments are expensive so I usually insist they be unmovable.  This one is essentially concreted into the ground and at the correct time, no less.  He is smoothing out the rocks underneath the plinth.

Adding water to concrete
He mixes the concrete in the tractor's bucket and then plaster's it onto the plinth. (I think he is so handsome :) )
Anyway, I will not have the rocky look it once had but it will have a smoothe look.  He said let vines grow on it.  I said, "No worries, they will"

Replaced JFK rose.  I did a faux pas by putting the rose in the same hole the old one was.  BUT I did notice something.  This was one of those bare root roses that were in the peat pot.  I noticed I left it in the peat pot when I planted it.  Note to self....don't leave in the peat pot.  I did the same with the Queen Elizabeth roses, and they fared, moral of the story...don't leave plants in peat pots when planting.  I did cut the edges to the base but apparently not good enough.

The roses are struggling that aren't screen.  They get watered farely often but the heat is incredible.  The weeds are not helping because I do notice that once screen they do better.

 I have decided that the deadline for the backyard project will be August 1.  If you haven't followed this blog, I have been working on this since New Year's Day.  I have planted literally hundreds of plants and I probably have over 100 to go.  July 1 is my deadline to have things in the ground.  If you want to see how much work this all took, I have a pictorial page Building a Large Rose Garden Pictorial

Last fall, I was very burnt out and felt I would never plant another plant again.  But I knew spring fever would get the best of me and it did.  Many times I have thought, "Oh God, what was I thinking!"  In any event, at a certain juncture, I am just digging holes.  It's not that I am lazy or don't know any better, but if I waited for things to be optimal, the plants would die.  The reason I purchased so many is because a nursery closed and I got plants for pennies on the dollar.  The plants would have retailed in the tens of thousands but my plant purchases averaged about a dollar a plant.  The roses (about 80) were purchased with gift cards won from work.  The reason why I am saying all this because I have started digging holes.  I have no choice.  Many will die but most will live.  And one day HOPEFULLY the garden will be beautiful and I will be smarter.
I have tons of ornamentals that need to be planted.  Mostly camellias.  So at the back end of the rose garden, I opted to plant them for several reason.  Wind blockage, frame the garden, winter interest.

Also, at the back of the "future" guard dog pen.

I used the auger that I used to regret purchasing but decided that it was a wise investment.  My husband has to use it, however.  He dug 20 holes for me.

I planted an ailing hibiscus, gardenia, two mystery roses, calla lilies, azaleas, sky pencils, tulip trees and camellias.

 While planting these plants I heard a small plane above, like a Cessna?  I heard it's engines stall out twice!  Then I saw this plane do flips.  Whoever was in that plane ( I thought) was an idiot.  I don't know much about planes but if my engine shut down twice! in mid air, I'd be inclined to land it.  While looking at the plane, I noticed this cloud.  Great! I thought.  I don't know what will get me first, a tornado or a falling airplane.  Forgive my ignorance, if I am being severe, but I refuse to believe that stalling planes is a good thing.
I have learned that if a cloud is tall and shaped like an anvil, this is a potential tornado cloud.  If it has a base (called a Wall Cloud) that is what causes tornadoes.  None occurred.  Sure would love rain though.  I make sure that our safe room is ready to occupy when I see these.

Plinth complete

Need to finishing screening and irrigating.

Mom did not know what kind of rose this was, only that it is a climber and makes small yellow roses.  It is woody but I have learned that can be normal as her mystery roses she gave me this spring were also woody and are faring very well.

This hibiscus was in a pot the did not have enough holes and thus was dying.  It's still alive but I will have to either dig it back up in the fall or let it die during the winter.

I had intended to screen before planting but they need to go in the ground.  Many plants are suffering being in the pots as long as they have.  But I am smart enough to know I will screen them.

I, also, have been redecorating the interior of the home which is conversely dark (Mom calls the term gloomy) but I consider it the colors rich and classic.  This is my new tapestry in the library.


NellJean said...

A note about your calla lilies: if they die down, they are not dead. Mine rest when the weather gets hot. They will likely be back when it is cooler.

I used to think they were difficult to grow until I read that in their native land they are called 'pig lilies' and grow in hog wallows.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Nell. I don't know the first thing about calla lilies. If you want to hear something funny when I married, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my whole life. After we married, I thinned up back to a relatively normal weight and grew flowers...leave it to me to be backwards. My goal was to grow all the flowers at my wedding. Calla lilies was one of them. They do look like they are suffering, but the heat has been unbelievable. Even though it is in the 80s even the reads that it feels like it is in the 90s and 100s. So are they like Easter lilies and bloom one time of year?