Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rose of the Week...Europena

The Rose of the Week is the Europena Rose.  Last year, I bought my son and stepson roses, because occasionally they like them to give (roses and other flowers) gifts to girlfriends etc.  So I bought them each a set of roses.  My son received Iceberg and my stepson Europena.  I did it to keep them out of my other flowers as well.  For the record, if I were a bachelor I would grow roses for obvious reasons.  They are welcome to cut as many as they want...but I asked for a head's up.   In any event, they were bought in April 2012 from a nursery that I have had mixed experiences with.
 Europena make WONDERFUL cut roses.  They live forever in the vase.   They bloom all summer long.
Below is a history of my roses.  If you want to find out about Europenas...Click HERE

This was taken in May of 2012.  They had mildew on them when I got them and they looked sickly for a while.
Sept 2012
As you can see the weeds loved them. So recently I finally screened them.

They are doing much better now...everytime I screen the plants seem to do better


NellJean said...

Europeana is on a list of top 10 reblooming roses on Squidoo.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...they are really good roses...they just don't like stuff on their leaves (ie water or sprays)