Thursday, June 20, 2013

Journal Notes..I got a second wind

After venting, I felt better.  Also, I realized, almost all the roses are mulched.  Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel I revitalized.  Sorry for the haze in the pictures.  The air conditioner inside plus the heat outside fogged my camera.
I moved the container plants from the NE part of the rose garden.  They aren't looking great.

The weeds are beginning to take over this section.  Considering hiring a strong teenager to help with the back of this section.

This section is also overrun with weeds.

Starting to wire the climber up the pillar.

Mowed around the roses to keep the screen flat.


Into the second roll of 225 screen purchased 2 weeks ago.

The bumpy the screen, the more mulch I use.  Also, concerned about the holes not being big enough to allow water.

I used natural cypress mulch for the underneath an red on top.  This section was approximately 100 sq feet.  Probably used over 20 bags on this but could be wrong.

Queen Elizabeth, Lady Diana, Tangerine streams

Gave them a dose of rose care and fish oil that I lazily put in a Miracle Gro sprayer...but I only give them a "shot" because I am sure the mixture would be too strong and then give them a ton of water.

Sorry for the haze

Will plant camellias back here since it's semi shade and provide winter interest.

Section complete

Tuesday.  Very sore from Monday I started around 2pm.
Yes, I bought a knockout, to replace a rose.

I got these from the co-op.  These are what you use in greenhouses for container plants.  Wondering if they would be good for in ground plants

Have to move the Touch of Class.  It's in a bad spot.  Let me go ahead and admit the things I have done that I know better not to do.  Move plants in heat, buy new plants and plant them, put plants in the same area where the bare roots did not take off.

I realized that I have almost all the roses screened.  Hallelujah.

Purple tiger is leafless.  Water meter shows plenty of water.  Must be the weeds making the leaves come off.

Mowed the area and pulled weeds from around the plant.  Put Touch of Class towards the bottlebrush.  Planted with a ton of mushroom compost.  Same from Knockout which is next to Tangerine Streams.

Knockout was wilty in pot.  I used to not like knockouts but they do make great landscape roses and extremely hardy.

Touch of Class.  Saw earthworms in the hole.

I think these are Lady Banks my mother bought me.  Need to move them, just don't know where.

Other lady banks.  Consider planting next to trees..but could kill the tree.

Began screening this section.

On the bottom right is own creation.  I just can't wait to see her bloom.  I will say this.  She is a fast grower and has done very well compared to the other roses in this section.  Who knows?  My creation could be an incredible rose.  They say that the rose will look different when they are young.  She is very thornless thus far.

Tangerine Streams

I finished at dusk

Wednesday Morning.
The sky most doused the area last night.  My dog woke me up because of the lightning so I saw the rain.  This morning while sitting on the back porch, I could hear noise.  I thought it might be the creek running but surely not since it was very, very low yesterday.
Sorry, I took a lot of shots of dawn.  Just thought it was cool how the beam went through the trees.

View from porch

The sound sitting on the back porch was loud, so I opted to see if it was the creek I was hearing.

Wow, the creek was almost to the bank.  Considering yesterday, it was low and not moving the rain last night must have been incredible.

It is so cool when it is high.  It looks like a raging river.

Considering putting the lady banks between the arches to complete the wall.

Golden raintree

Went to the museum this morning.  I got spooked by noises so I didn't take pics of stormy weather.

The transplanted camellias isn't look great

You can't see it, but the butterfly garden has a bloom (lantana?)  

Also, has a lot of weeds

This vine I have at my place.  It makes purple flowers.

Lots of weeds.  Will probably weed it but don't want to hurt the seedlings.

Cemetery I cross to get back to my house.  I want to name my gardens one day.  I know it's probably pretentious but I want to call it "The Gardens of October."  Why?  It has a cemetery next door, a swamp, a creek, spanish moss, bats, it's the most beautiful in October vs other times of year, and it's my favorite month.  I don't think you name private gardens but who cares?


NellJean said...

Glad you got some rain and that you had your screen down before it came so the weeds don't grow. We have a half chance of rain today.

I think the vine in the butterfly bed is Passion Vine (Passiflora)? Host for Gulf Frits. I thought I asked about that in your weekend post but maybe I forgot to hit send.

What are the yellow spike things that are for containers?

NellJean said...

Begonias -- all the experts say sun or shade.

My experience is that bright light rather than full sun makes them happier. The ones with bronze leaves can take more direct sun than the green.

Usually the old blooms will shed of their own accord as they age.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

First time I posted them because they just got in. They are part of drip irrigation that Dina uses in greenhouses. I am sitting here deciding what chore to do first so I think I'll give them a shot. According to Dina, there is usually pipers or tubes in greenhouses and these yellow things are stuck in plants to water them at the roots. I need to readjust my corner watering bed and I think I'll try them out to see what they will do...I'll update when I have.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

When I pulled one out I was a little perplexed...gonna have to look at this better. Here is what I found

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

More specifically,
I'll post when I figure it out

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I called the company because the 1/4 inch didn't fit correctly. They told me that is better suited for container plants then plants on the ground.

Nell, I have two packs totally 200. I have too many. For all your help, I'll send you the other pack if you want. Email me a mailing address to I'll send you the other pack.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Oh they gave me the product number for the correct spaghetti tubing.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The way Ms. Dina described it (she worked at Bellingrath but I don't remember if that is where she said she learned it) is that you run pvc pipe through the greenhouse and spaghetti tubes out of it with these fittings. I think I am going to reserve my pack for the greenhouse which is currently a mess. But I think it would be very convienent because you can turn a tube "off"

NellJean said...

Thank you for a very generous offer, Janie, but I hand water my greenhouse plants. I can see how they would be fantastic for dozens of the size size pot and plant.

My greenhouse gardening isn't static -- I move pots from place to place and bump up seedlings and cuttings so hand watering is not the burden that changing all those little dribble lines around would be. But thanks for thinking of me.

I'm already worrying about where the big epi pots are going in the fall and still have room for bulbs and cuttings and the cat. It will all work out.

debsgarden said...

Sure you name private gardens! I'm glad you got some rain. I am exhausted after reading all the work you have done in the heat!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell, too bad...I was hoping you could show me how to use them...well if you change you mind..

@Debs...Thanks, I want to mine one day...

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Debs. I was looking at your gardens again. You soo have the right idea. I want to turn the whole property into a garden but with just one person (me) and 15 acres....It's easier to work on the natural beauty of it and add focal points and beautiful foliage. I totally may be missing what you have done..(I'm slow) but this year I kept the more labor intensive stuff..close to the house and working outwards...except for the peacock I am doing next year.