Thursday, June 6, 2013

Garden Ornaments...Are You Cute or Sexy?

I treat garden ornaments like I do jewelry.  It should compliment without being overwhelming.  Let me preface that, the following is just my preferences, tastes....simply my opinion.  I think gardens ( like interior decor) are the reflection of its owner.   I, typically, categorize ornaments into two categories....cute or sexy.  There are varieties of classic or fun.  For the most part, I prefer "sexy" over cute.  This is me having a bit of fun, for the record..

Some garden ornaments were given to me like this one.  It had wings but they broke off.  For the record, I typically do NOT like anything wings..but there are exceptions.

A few months back my sister-in-law came to visit, unexpectedly.   Her husband is an architect (I believe she works there as well) and they, also, do interior design.  I really like their style.  They have a blog to show what I mean..Click HERE.  So I respect her opinion.  She mentioned to my husband that the property was "whimsical".    Not the tone I was going for, but after thinking about it..I see why she said it.

There are hanging solar lanterns along a driveway that is almost a quarter of a mile long.  Most people only see them when driving by so it has been how I define the place.  You can't see the house.  This particular one gives an errie blue at night.  But I think it has stopped glowing.  Sexy?
This ornament was also given to me.  It's by the creek and relatively hidden.  I define it as cute.

More solar lanterns.  Sexy?

Lanterns along the drive.  I want to redo the lanterns in all white as I had last year but these were left over from the holidays...I am definitely bordering into cute zone when I wanted sexy.  Cute...

The arches in the front solidified my concept that my sister in law was right about whimsical.  These arches will not remain arches.  I am trying to make a living "wall" with walkways.  Sexy?

Basket someone gave me....yep, I think I am definitely in the cute least at the front of the property.

Creekside has a simple bench at the bend creek.  Sexy

Sighs, another cute ornament.  I like wind chimes so I try to bury them.

Some of my ornaments were too cool to not look this one in the library.  Sexy

This garden gnome is in a bathroom.  I don't like gnomes.  Sugary cute
Before you get to the house, you see Savannah Bird Girl...she is sexy

Below here is a fountain/pond.  Sexy

Them as a whole.

This one was given to me.  I use to have wings but they broke off.  I am starting to wonder if I am purposefully doing it.  Cute

I am trying to go more "sexy"  This was a spitting seahorse that was there last year.

 I replaced him with Aurora...Goddess of the Dawn.  Definitely sexy

Auburn birdhouse, cute

Outdoor abstract art and


Subdued dragonfly (yes, it has wings I haven't broken off) I like the wings..I bought it.  Cute?

Windchimes ...Sexy?
Almost forgot,


NellJean said...

I had difficulty with what you meant by garden trinkets being 'sexy' until I decided you meant sensual -- appealing to the senses.

Mine are mostly grandma-got-these-as-a-present or they have been here forever, and the vases and pots are more useful than anything else. Rustic. Comfortable.

I understand about the cherubs, too. Statues with wings are usually seen in a cemetery.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I was having fun. I meant is it "cute or fun" (like garden gnomes and pink flamingos) or is it "classic" (like fountains and statues) kind of thing. I have a lot of ornaments as gifts.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Actually I like anything spooky in respect to the it being in a graveyard would be a selling point. I have a cemetery next door.

garden ornaments said...

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Grace Cruz said...

I love your style preference for your garden ornaments. Have you ever thought about adding in a sexy rain chain? I have a copper rain chain and the relaxing sound it gives when the rain runs through it is awesome! You can also try weathervanes (ahem, a favorite of mine)or you can even go for those cupolas where you can put them in roof or dome structure!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Grace I have never heard of rain chain, but there are sounds I love in the gardens and easily miss them...the fountain running and the wind chimes...amazing what small things can make such an impact...will look that up.

Darrell Gardner said...

I do have to agree with your sister-in-law commenting that your garden is a little whimsical. I personally like the whimsical feel of your garden. But given your choices to transform them into something more sensual, I have to say I like them as well. I definitely find that your choices do complement each other and I think it all makes up for a very “sexy” garden. 
Darrell Gardner