Monday, June 10, 2013

Journal Notes..Rain, Comforters, & Other Random Stuff

Glorious Rain....when you watch it you know you can't compete with Mother Nature, sometimes.
We have had days of showers and the grass turning green sure does wonders for a yard.
We have been wiring the irrigation system before the front came in.

The creekside area is finally up and moving again.

You know by all accounts I water my roses too much.  These on the driveway are on an automatic watering timer and they get watered DAILY by soaker hose.  Sometimes I just don't think it's possible to overwater during the summer.


Comforter Sets and Other interior design changes.

I have been visiting the thrift shops and consignments shops recently and bought a beautiful comforter set.  I promised the owner I would post a picture.

I got it for a fraction of retail and it is soo  soft.

It's amazing what you can do with three dollars at a thrift store.  I went to a different one and bought random foliage.
The tops of  my cabinets looked bare

So I bought plates and foliage and now look at the difference.
I have a cheap camera but it made a huge difference.

 I, also, have a ton of hydrangeas in bloom.  I like to take crystal glasses and line them up on the breakfast bar.

Finally just random stuff that I needed to keep for reference is below.


NellJean said...

All this rain has been such a blessing, greening up the grass, replenishing the aquifer, cooling the air.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...