Sunday, June 30, 2013

Journal Notes..One Month To Go

 I have a deadline that is self-imposed.  That this be done by August 1.  Today we got the majority of the back rose garden screened.  I am having a truckload of mulch delivered because it's just better given the amount of I have to cover.

I moved two lady banks roses near trees.  It will probably grow up the trees..but I probably would have removed them other wise.  I put tomato cages around them both.

The other lady banks.

We moved the lady banks out of the main rose garden because they have been referred to as "house eaters" and I didn't want over taking the main rose garden.  That left "bare spots" in the rose garden that has been screened.  I will put my container plants there.  Whether I put them on an irrigation system remains to be determined.

The path is bricked but I continued the path.  How I am going to cover the path is also up in the air.  But whatever I put there will not be permanent because a pipe runs under it.

Can you believe I ran out of another 500 sod staples!  After the pumpkin patch I will have also, gone through 550 feet of screen, and I'm not remotely done...this better beautiful.  I had hollyhocks initially planted but they died.  So we mowed the area over and screened.  Otherwise I would have a pile of weeds coming through.  Will try hollyhocks next year.

My arrangement skills are getting worse but I gave Cody flowers to give to his girlfriend.  He picked them.  I was tired so it was hodge podge.  Hopefully, she will rearrange it.

Screening is almost complete in this area.  Cody suggested using a hose to guide the path.  It worked.

Getting there.


NellJean said...

Cody is a treasure, isn't he? You can tell he didn't just start doing garden work the other day. You may make your deadline. August and September are hot months, so you can take it easy. September is often a dry month here.

There used to be a business on the main drag in town that had Lady Banks roses on a post and rail fence, gorgeous. They took it all down, I don't know why.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I think naming the gardens "Gardens of October" is going to be appropriate. It's when I am done it appears and the garden is finally at it' glory. Cody is a treasure. He had worked in landscaping before. His youth, strength, and attitude is definitely a plus.

The lady banks are near trees. I hear they are the best. Most people who speak of them are annoyed by them but I think in the right spot it will be beautiful.