Saturday, June 15, 2013

June's Bloom Day...What's blooming in My Gardens for June.

 If you want to see larger pictures, simply click on it.  This is my entry for May Dreams Gardens.  I didn't post every cultivar because I have hundreds of flowers.  I am currently working on a massive rose garden that is why you might see tools everywhere...Happy Bloom Day!

Flowers along my driveway.
Gallardia (sometimes called Blanketflower, firewheel) has bloomed since Christmas.  I do not feed or water them and they are on hot, sloppy, lean soil.)
Wildflowers that reseeded from last year.

Roses by the creek

Don Juan


American Climbing Blaze

Climbing Golden Showers

Beauty Berry is blooming


Roses along the driveway on a slope..but on an automatic water timer.

Double Knockout



Mexican Petunia and Cashmere Bouquet



Front of the house has Encore Azaleas, Endless Summer Hydrangea, Mexican Heather and Perwinkle.

The Perwinkle and the Mexican Heather were not planted here this year.  But thanks to bees, they have new seedlings.

Mexican Heather..the Mexican Heather that was here last year was moved to the greenhouse.  So these are volunteer plants.

Boy, once the hydrangeas are established they do take off.  These are on an irrigation system.

I use aluminum sulfate to make them blue.

Memphis Music roses

These are my favorite.  

Dark velvet red with buttercream stripes.  When they become spent, they look black and white.

Side of the house bed.  Gardenias, Don Juan, Pinata and Joseph's Coat.

Sundial area near the back rose garden.

I used Sevin..because I thought I might have witch's broom..but hydrangeas do not like discolors them.

Back rose garden on the North side of the L shape

Green Ice

Gerber Daisy

Pinata rose


Corner bed by back porch


Big Daddy Hydrangea..not so big at moment.


This 15 acres is smothered in huge, old magnolia trees

Hydra bed

The mums have finally finished blooming I think.


A poorly kept and weedy bougainvillea


Back of the L shaped rose bed

Corner of the rose bed.  This is still in progress.  Europenas and Climbing Iceberg

Corner of rose garden facing house

Moss Roses

These are by the pool and it's very hot..they do well here

They open once a day

I also have them in hanging baskets

A rose I managed to grow from a cutting.  Tangerine Streams

Ketchup and Mustard

The screening is a work in progress.  Rose bed is at least 3000 sq feet

Double Delight


Sunny Knockout tree

Winged Begonia

More begonias

One corner of the rose bed.  Surrounded by sky pencils.

I volunteer at a museum..that is literally next door.  I take care of a few plants there.

Lacecap Hydrangea

Miniature roses

Stormy Weather

You should seen how this has grown.  It was barely a foot tall a few months ago.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch
Saltwater pool




I believe Golden Masterpiece

Blue Girl

I don't remember the name

Touch of class


I think it's Promise

Tangerine Streams

Lady Diana...I have to look up to take her picture

Gold Medal

Climbing Iceberg

Purple Tiger

People ask if we use our saltwater pool a lot.  All the's very hot here.

Shot from the back porch


HolleyGarden said...

Your roses are looking good - love that Memphis Music. But I am so impressed with those hydrangeas!!! Wow, wow, wow. I have several hydrangeas, but mine have never looked that beautiful. And I wish I had some old magnolia trees here, too. Those blossoms - oh, my - I would love to be able to pick them for keeping inside in a bowl.

Lea said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers! Wonderful roses!
I am really admiring the Magnolias, probably because we do not have any on our own property.
Have a wonderful week-end!
Lea's Menagerie

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Holley, those are the endless summer...I was surprised how they took off...aside from the irrigation system...I honestly think it was the aggressive pruning I did.

@Lea, Magnolias can be a bit invasive here if they weren't so beautiful but oh the smell.

NellJean said...

Lots to see at your place. Hard work pays off.

Did you reach your goal of getting all that screen stuff down by Bloom Day?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell, thanks for remembering. Yes, I screened the large portion of the garden I set out to screen. Next goal was to get all those plants at the green house into the ground by June 20. That one, I am not sure I can do..but I will try. I am sore and lazy this morning. The heat has been incredible and the house well keeps shutting off. Glad I have two wells. But I have easily over 50 to get in the ground. I'm sitting here waiting for my second wind. I ask myself, if I would do it all again, would I? Yes, but I would have done somethings differently. I hope it will be beautiful.

Sarah/ Galloping Horse Garden said...

You certainly have an abundance of gorgeous roses. And those hydrangeas! I never add aluminum sulfate to they are a rather wishy-washy shade. I might try your technique.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Hmmm...I'm no expert but I was at the museum and someone else reported the same thing. Her mother said it was water which made no sense to me...but she reported that after a heavy rain, they were vibrant.

Darrell Gardner said...

You seem to have quite a range of flowers there. With June being a transitioning period to summer, I would be expecting a smaller range of flowers, especially due to the heat. I can only imagine how gorgeous your garden will look come spring time. :)

Darrell Gardner @ LivingColourGardens

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The automated irrigation system helps with that a great deal...otherwise they get really can't water them too much in the heat of summer.