Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hoping for the Great Pumpkin King....or experienced advice. Input needed.

I want to grow a pumpkin so terribly bad.  Last year, planted literally hundreds of vines (for reasons that are weird).  I didn't get a single pumpkin.  Worse!  I didn't even get a female flower.  The vines would start out okay, but between the weeds, the countless bugs, and lack of female flowers...I got nothing.  I did love the orange flowers but it was so disappointing.  I even dreamed (on more than one occasion that I got a pumpkin)..that's how bad it got.  This year I want a pumpkin!  
These was my first pumpkin patch.  It eventually got so overrun with weeds I abandoned it.
It was beautiful to begin with.

Here you are supposed to plant in July...which is next week.  The patch behind the spigot (and weeds) is the site I plant on putting the pumpkins.  I am not going to grow a hundred pumpkins.  Maybe 10 or 20 vines.  But I would like to do it right this time....so....what next...roundup the area, till it mow it?  I really, really want a pumpkin.

The second pumpkin patch I kept the weeds at bay but the bugs were a nightmare.  No pumpkins :(  I am really going to listen..input needed.  I want a pumpkin!!!


NellJean said...

I've never grown pumpkins. Looks like a great opportunity to experiment. Somewhere I saw 'raised bed' suggested.


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Nell. Sorry for the delay. Despite I feel like I have done nothing I have been doing some badly needed maintenance. I am going to read it. This year, I will keep things small and concentrated which will be next year's theme. I did not realize the undertaking this year will be. It definitely was not my intention. My idea..last fall, when I was burnt out was to do less work. However, once the irrigation systems are in place..it should be smooth sailing.