Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Do Roses Wilt, Even if It Feels Wet?

 I believe this is an Electron Rose.  I planted this as a bare root in the winter.  In recent days we have had over 5" of rain.  This was taken the day after.  The temperature has been in the 90's with the heat index hitting 100.  When you touch around the rose bush the soil feels moist, yet, why was it wilting?
When I put the moisture meter in, it showed that it was dry but not initially.  Does water stay on the surface but not go down to the roots?  Is this a drainage issue?  Well, point is, even though it felt wet, it didn't appear to have enough water at the roots.  Another thing I have learned is that bare roots probably need to be watered more than established plants.  One other note, with all this heat.  The roses that are on automatic daily timers are faring better than those who are not (both established and bare root).  So if it's wilting, my best answer is to water it, if it feels moist, water it deeply.

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