Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year In Review..What I Did Right & Wrong

What I did wrong....let's get the ugly stuff out of the way...

  • Underestimated weeds ... when I started out my large project, especially the rose garden...I did not screen them..thinking that I could keep it under control...wrong...it became a severe uphill battle.  I need to ensure screening and mulching..and even that doesn't stop them...but it does slow them down.  This is the post regarding my frustration.  Click HERE
  • Underestimated project times...I had way too many projects in the works. 
  • Let projects run away...  The back rose garden was just going to be a cutting garden
  • Neglected other areas of the gardens.... since I was centralized in one area...I largely ignored other areas.
  • Neglected maturity size...I am still moving plants that will clearly crowd each other.
  • Fall Burnout..I get such spring fever than I burn out.
  • Planted rye grass in November instead of October
What I did right
  • Infrastructure...I put in a dedicated well...ran lines out to the front field..so no more dragging hoses.
  • Planning...the back rose garden was thought out 
  • Irrigation...I put in automatic irrigation
  • Concentrating on One area...made a life a whole lot easier especially when plants aren't established
  • Formal garden...the sky pencils and the statues were pretty
  • Nursery closing...taking advantage of get lots of ornamenteals for pennies on the dollar
  • Wildflowers...learning that wildflowers are pretty and require little maintenance.
All in all it was a good year.  I think that the rose garden was fantastic.  But I will try to temper my enthusiasm. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Aunt Agnes' Beautiful Garden...Lots of Pictures

Can you believe I have never been to see my Aunt Agnes' garden?  It's truly amazing.