Monday, December 14, 2015

A Fantastic December Bloom Day

 Well, for all my laziness...Mother Nature never stops working, thankfully......if you aren't familiar with bloom day it is where garden blogger's from around the world post what is blooming on the 15th of each month.  You will want to see it on May Dream's Gardens,,,,I invite you to visit
This has been an incredibly mild winter....if I had actually took care of my garden this year, it might have really been awesome...I have literally ignored the garden most of the year but sat back and enjoyed it........  The above is Peach Drift
Now I did plant rye grass.....this is after I just mowed it

The roses haven't stopped blooming despite me.....Grenada Rose

 I wish winter were like this year for the next few months...

Encore is taking off

 This has been the most fantastic December ever!

 A misty foggy morning
Green Ice really likes colder weather

There was no end to my laziness this the rose hips are abound...

"Johnny Bear"......the first rose I got for Valentine's Day from the man I never want to take a breath that he isn't taking one too......aka my husband

Bad picture but the bottlebrush are blooming

I cannot believe the the hydragea are still blooming and this picture doesn't do justice....they are a brilliant blue

It has been weird, the spring bearers are blooming encores will bloom as much as they need food

Tulip Tree

The greenhouse, the 

The azaleas that bloom in the spring are going now

The popcorn is finally losing their leaves

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Time for the Long Winter's Nap

My post being late is the probably extreme understatement...but I did manage to at least some pictures.   You know, the greatest thing about plants is many will survive without you.  We are due for a freeze watch so it is time to say goodnight to the flowers....

During October we went on our fourth anniversary to the Smoky Mountains.  The lady bugs were everywhere...I really meant to steal a few and bring them back!
 The mountains, as always, were beautiful...kinda warm this fall compared to our last few trips...but I suppose that will happen.
Finally got the mower restarted and mowed the areas around the pool

Roses around the pool

Still in bloom but would be more if they had been deadheaded.

 Sundial weeds are hardy things!
Bottlebrush is still blooming

Weeds on the side beds came back

Juniper trees are just not thriving well...I think I'm gonna use annuals from now on like zinnias

Hydrangeas are blooming

Encore were trimmed over the fall and they have been blooming.

The one thing I vowed not forget is rye seed.  It makes it feel as though winter never comes so we broadcasted the seed.

But the old grass is still....looking good..but I like the color of rye better..



 Green Ice
Peach Drift

I believe knockouts

I think summer snow

Belinda's Dream

I want to say this 

The knockouts have grown huge again

It is weird to see spring blooming camellias bloom in the fall...

My husband training our German shepherd puppy Desdemona

And she likes to dig holes

Unusually rainy fall.....but we have had tons of rain..thankfully I laid the rye grass....