Sunday, June 30, 2013

Journal Notes..One Month To Go

 I have a deadline that is self-imposed.  That this be done by August 1.  Today we got the majority of the back rose garden screened.  I am having a truckload of mulch delivered because it's just better given the amount of I have to cover.

I moved two lady banks roses near trees.  It will probably grow up the trees..but I probably would have removed them other wise.  I put tomato cages around them both.

The other lady banks.

We moved the lady banks out of the main rose garden because they have been referred to as "house eaters" and I didn't want over taking the main rose garden.  That left "bare spots" in the rose garden that has been screened.  I will put my container plants there.  Whether I put them on an irrigation system remains to be determined.

The path is bricked but I continued the path.  How I am going to cover the path is also up in the air.  But whatever I put there will not be permanent because a pipe runs under it.

Can you believe I ran out of another 500 sod staples!  After the pumpkin patch I will have also, gone through 550 feet of screen, and I'm not remotely done...this better beautiful.  I had hollyhocks initially planted but they died.  So we mowed the area over and screened.  Otherwise I would have a pile of weeds coming through.  Will try hollyhocks next year.

My arrangement skills are getting worse but I gave Cody flowers to give to his girlfriend.  He picked them.  I was tired so it was hodge podge.  Hopefully, she will rearrange it.

Screening is almost complete in this area.  Cody suggested using a hose to guide the path.  It worked.

Getting there.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bougainvillea has no leaves? It's Not Dead.

I was reading in a blog, not long ago, where someone had purchased a bougainvillea.  It became what I refer to as "sticky".  It had no leaves or blooms and they felt it was dying and gave up on it.  They opted to throw it away.  Internally I was thinking, don''ll come back.

It has been my experience that bougainvilleas will lose their leaves and look dead sometimes.  I am not saying it should do that, but if it does, they come back easily.

This one I was ignoring heavily.  You can see how it has very few leaves.  The date reads 6/14
 Another view of it.  Lots of flower and no leaves.  I repotted this one on this day.

I have several other bougainvilleas I was ignoring.  This one has Mexican heather growing at its base.  Not on purpose.

This was taken 6/24.  You can see it leafing up.  My assessment is that like a ton of water.  Last year when I watered it three times more than I thought it needed, it not only leafed up but bloomed.

This one is actually two.  Half this bougainvillea is sticks.
Taken this morning, yes a ton of weeds behind this container.

I have variegated like on the right

This one makes beautiful pink flowers.  I think it is has a nutritional deficiency.  It's leaves should be darker.

This one is sticky as well but coming back with regular water.  If you want more information on bougainvilleas, click HERE

They do unbelievable in my greenhouse.  See Below.

Moral of the story, is water them more, and maybe feed them.  They have lost their leaves and have come back, many, many times.

Journal notes

The rose I have grown from a seed seems to be a climber.  The mother is Gold Medal.  The only climbers that were near last year was Don Juan, American Climbing Blaze, and golden showers.  All likely hood, it would be Don Juan.  She is growing very, very fast.  I can't wait to see her bloom.

I believe this is called Granada.

I have a mystery rose that I thought was a climbing Iceberg.  According to my records, I have two where is the iceberg...mystery continues...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Journal Notes...Extreme Heat, Rose Maintenance, Pruning, & Screening

They say our July is most people's December.  The reason being is that the weather is so hostile, you can't go outside.  After Cody helped me over the weekend, I was very sore Monday, so took it easy.  It had thankfully rained and I felt I got a jump on things.  However, I started getting aggravated with myself by Thursday because I felt I was being lazy and no progress had been done.  Cody is returning on Saturday to continue, but I had done some things that needed to be done.  Yesterday, I realized why.  The heat.  Today's heat index will be 105!  So I had cut myself some slack and opted to work a couple of hours in the morning and no more than 15 mins at any one time.  Next year, any project (it will be the Peacock, must be completed by June.)
Sorry, what a great shot of Memphis Music...I love this rose
The roses were in bad need of maintenance.  I was so distracted by taking care of their surroundings that I had been neglecting them.  I had not fed them in weeks so I fed them a bit of Miracle Gro and watered heavily.  I, also, go rid of weeds, bad canes, and diseased leaves and a very LIGHT pruning.  With the summer so hot, and deep pruning would cause a lot of growth and needs the water to back it up.  Without the irrigation system in place, I didn't want to get ahead of myself.  I will say with them being so grouped.  It takes me about 20 mins a section which is about 85 roses total.

I wonder if the holes are not large enough to allow water through.

You can't see well, but these are black canes that I had cut off, when I planted these bare roots.

Meanwhile at the museum, Stormy Weather needed to be repegged.  My goodness she has grown huge.  I would gather the top of the sign is about 7 feet conservatively.  She was approximately 2 feet when I started taking care of her and that is pushing it.

I take zip ties and try to make the canes as horizontal as possible on the fencing.  She had tons of rose hips that I had to prune off.

She makes and incredibly beautiful fragrant, rose.  I want one of these.

I, also, take care of miniatures and a lace top hydrangea.  I cut the tops off, but only the tops.  It's in a hot spot and I don't water them but once a week.  Even though the miniatures...are well, small....I cut off the spent roses because I saw hips...go figure.

The camellia we moved isn't showing signs of new growth but I think it's still alive.  I have discovered camellias are slow to recover....Next to them are two hydras I donated.

The butterfly garden is getting weedy.  I, now, see why Nell suggested a path...I do manage to get in their without hurting too many seedlings.

Lots of baby trees, but also, lantana are starting to bloom.

Nell, named this vine.  Similar to morning glory but isn't the same.


The good thing about having a pool near a garden is the bugs it kills.  You can't see this well, but if you saw the bugs in here, you would be scared.  Some bugs I have never seen before.  One that I believe I see and pretty sure it is , is a Japanese beetle..  I thought I read that grubs are the larvae of these beetles.  If so, I wonder if I should get grub killer.  I see grubs, everytime I dig a hole.  Starting to like armadillos now.

This picture does not do this flower justice.  This is pinata, it's incredibly vibrant.

My bougainvillea is leafing back up...but I think it has too much water.  I had a hibiscus who is near death who was in this pot.  I cleaned it out, drilled more holes and put fresh dirt.  It's faring better but looks drenched.  Will put a water meter on it and check it.

After I pruned, the roses looked a bit "sticky"  During the extreme heat of summer, it's not uncommon for my roses to lose their leaves.
Got rid of diseased leaves like this one with black spot, and cut off spent blooms.

Sometimes the canes I cut, I wonder if they are alive.  If it's in question I cut them down a bit.

I used a Miracle Gro sprayer.  Since I am unsure of how much it delivers, I usually only give it a "shot, and then douse with water.  I discovered if you angle the sprayer down too much all the water is completely blue, so I just gave a light feeding and gave a deep water drench.

I have learned to pick up the canes I cut (the hard way).  If you don't pick them up and you weed, you will get hurt fast.

The front beds were grossly overwhelmed by weeds.  This pittosporum was getting attacked by weeds and a vine that has little red star shaped flowers.

The hydras as well.  They start getting black spot if you don't allow them circulation, and the blooms needed removing.  I am much more aggressive in pruning hydrangeas as you are about to see.  They LOVE it and get very bushy...however, these have an irrigation system on them to promote new growth.  On Wednesday, I fed EVERYTHING....that is an all day event.

Well, I managed to get the majority of the weeds out...the heat was unbearable.

The hydras I think like the new hair cut and will go crazy as a result.

This is my wheelbarrow...look at all this foliage.  I left the Mexican Heather volunteers near the Encore's.  They are starting to bloom again.

Much better but still full of blooms.

Now, I have to do the other side.

The Memphis Music has yellow leaves at the bottom.  I read somewhere that yellow leaves at the bottom could be a sign of mineral deficiency.  Not sure...they got fed.

This looks like a hydrangea massacre.  Look at all the spent blooms I cut off...and the plants are still loaded.

They go crazy after pruning, I try not cutting old wood though.

Mad at myself for not screening, I started to put some down.  There are hydrangeas behind the rose bed.  I won't get an opportunity to mulch until next week.  I wonder if the black screen will overheat what I have.  I did water and have been water well..the new plants that are down.

More ugly bugs.

Screening the path behind the pool

Hmm...My path isn't straight.  Perhaps that is what Cody and I will work on tomorrow.