Monday, December 15, 2014

December Bloom Day

Well, it's bloom day once again..  If you aren't familiar with bloom day, it is where garden bloggers from around the world post what it blooming in their garden on the 15th of each month.  They post it on May Dreams Gardens.  I invite you to visit it.
This bloom day is a sad thing for me, drought, early freezes, and just lack of motivation...the good news is....plants survive on their own....but I have very little to show.... the camellias are blooming....and the azaleas are trying......I did not plant rye grass this year, and I wish I goes with the saying, you don't know what you got, until it's gone.... some of the pictures a camera dump, which I have been pruning various plants, some of this is just pictures ...that were in my camera during winter maintenance.....I hope for a better year next any event, happy bloom day!

Cut down plants the I have cut many times but not the stumps.

Weeds around he sundial

Heavy prune of the bottle brushes

The weeds are sure to bloom.

Not sure what kind of camellias these are but I only have this one tree.

My husband is making great headway on the greenhouse which has taken a great deal overhaul.

Alabama beauty is still blooming....

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Camera Dump Winter

For some stupid reason, I get into this loop...if that I don't journal I can't garden....this winter I want not to do what I did last winter....not garden, because I don't journal..the journal is important but so is my gardening...I didn't like the distractions of this past year, but I love beginning again....when you give up, you please forgive me..I want to be as productive or at least more productive....I may continue to camera dump until....well, I don't I proud about that, no...but I believe, do something........and the blog is vitally important as reference....but I wish for a new inspiration in my for a while forgive me, if I camera dump for a while...

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November Bloom Day And Journal Notes

Well, it's bloom day once again.  If you are not familiar with Bloom Day it's where gardeners from around the world post on their blog what is blooming their garden on the 15th of each month...and post on May Dreams Gardens.  This morning was the first frost of the least, the first significant one.  The roses like the one above (Memphis Music) seemed to fare well.
Got to love the colors of fall...esp, this red maple I planted last year.

Peacock topiary finally died out.

All the sulphur cosmos in front field died but one.

Sumac does make pretty color

It is almost impossible to hurt knockouts.

Alabama Beauty Camellias in front of the barn.

 I, honestly, thing the roses like the cold...this is an Iceberg rose.
Encore Azaleas have been blooming for months,.

Bottlebrush are still going long after the hummingbirds have left.

B. Villegas rose opted to make an appearance.  At least I believe this is what this one is.

Rose garden is ready for it's winter nap.

Covered the Mexican Heather around the pool.

Green Ice really loves the cold.

 Granda Rose...I did not take a picture of every rose blooming but just the easiest to photograph.
Belinda's dream...I think.


Bad picture but the cassias are still blooming.

My husband's progress on the greenhouse as of this afternoon.  There are earlier pictures down the post.

Beauty berry

I clean my mower near the back of the garage...I think many of the sulphur cosmos seeds from the front field  migrated here.


Vincas are hanging in there.

Journal Notes
My husband has been redoing my greenhouse from visqueen to polycarbonate...the frost has been early this year...the pictures here simply show his progress...

I am not sure what his is doing here aside from "testing" the panel.

 I know this seems arbitrary but this is the first time I have seen an owl during the day.....we have tons of them but never seen them...
Covering the Mexican Heather by the pool.

First real frost of the year....