Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rose of the Week... Moondance

The rose of the week is Moondance.  This was purchased potted...and has bloomed heavily all year.  It is a great cutting rose.
It was a 2007 award winner by AARS.   I haven't had many issues with it but the roses I bought potted have fared better than bare root, overall.  

It grows up to 6 feet.  Hardy up to zone 5.  Has a mild fragrance.  I think it has worked well in our steamy climate.

For more information on Moondance, click HERE

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For Nell, is this Rabbit Tobacco?

Sorry all, I haven't been a CPA we are required to do continuing professional education. It's as fun as it sounds.  Nell, from Secrets of a Seed Scatterer...was mentioning something I wanted to know.  Whether this was Rabbit Tobacco or Eupatorium perfoliatum.  She made a blog post on it, click HERE.  This grows behind my Europena roses and looks like baby's breathe.  It grew there last I was wondering if she could tell me which this is?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rose of the Week...Tiffany Rose

The rose of the week is the Tiffany rose.  I planted two of them as bare roots this past winter.  One is a great deal smaller than the other despite similar conditions.   It's an award winning rose by the AARS (my understanding).  
The other rose I have is not very tall...but this one has grown to about 4 1/2 feet.

It's blooming rather profusely.  I did give it a full does of Bayer Rose care.

The blooms are very large and elegant.  You can see it's size in comparison to my hand.

If you would like a link to read more opinions of the Tiffany rose, click HERE.

Right now it's blooming profusely which is why I chose it.

It is a hybrid tea rose.  The web reads that it grows up to 4 feet but my experience has been given enough water...roses can grow taller.

Web reads that is hardy from zones 4 to 9.  It does have a fragrance.  

I have read that it can get bushy, but this one seems to be upright.  It has bloomed fairly often.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Bloom Day

Sorry for the delay on the narrative...crazy part of the year for CPAs....  In any event, Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.  If you are not familiar, it is where garden bloggers post on a wonderful blog called May Dreams Gardens.  If you want to see what's blooming around the world...please check it out.  My gardens are not as a long as I wished.  I think I am just resting from the work of the year...but my project that I have working on is going to take a back burner.  October is approaching, and fall preparations need to be underway soon.    It is amazing how gardens can look so different from the previous year.   In looking at last year at this time September 2012, I feel better...lots more flowers.  I, also, want to give special thanks to Nell of Secrets of a Seed scatter & Dotty Plants Greenhouse Journal.  Also, HolleyGarden of Roses and Other Gardening Joys.  They both have been such a great help from someone who does not know what they are doing.

Now on to this month.  I planted a bunch of seeds in the front field that I swore I would just leave alone to see what they would do...but it such a joy to grow from seed.  These started blooming in six weeks.

Jude plant on the back porch has started to bloom.
Begonias in a very shady place...what is so amazing about the smaller ones is that when I dug them up last fall...they had about two leaves on them and didn't seem worth saving.

Mexican Heather

This very aggressive vine has been pulled a ton of times...but it is pretty to see the blooms.

Ignore the date....I changed the batteries....Skink

The rose garden has recently been fed and deeply pruned but next month will be prettier.

Green Ice rose
The back divide still needs to be mulched but the bougainvilleas are starting to bloom.  Again, ignore the date...I obviously have an old camera.
I fed the hibiscus so left over Bayer's Advanced Rose Care and the blooms turned a deeper orange.  The hummingbirds are very attracted to them.

I planted morning glory to grow along a fence.  It is beginning to bloom.

I have some irrigation systems in place for the roses,,,,but not the other I use a sprinkler sometimes.  Fall is typically dry and this is no exception.

Back leg of the rose garden..with a badly shaped greenhouse in the distance.
Knockouts.....are constant performers

Mums are in bad shape but are blooming despite me.

I think this is Belinda's dream.
New Year Rose ...I believe.
Ketchup and Mustard rose...and a lot of annoying love bugs.
Sundowner rose

Zinnia did look beautiful but now heavily diseased...I haven't the heart to cut them down because of the hummingbirds.
Coleus are getting leggy and need to be pruned.
Encore Azeleas have been blooming since June I believe....

Memphis Music Rose
Beauty Berry.
Second wildflower patch.

I am not sure what these are..but they are pretty...I know what the zinnia are.

Mexican Petunias

Sunflowers that I grew from seed from the largest sunflower I had last year....these pale in comparsion.

Cosmos...or Aster..can't remember.

Wildflowers that I did not plant but that grow along the drive.

Wild butterfly bush
These wildflowers I did not plant or take care of.  They self seeded from last year.  In about a month the stalking ones will explode with orange flowers.
The flowers I just mentioned are sulfur cosmos.  Some are blooming early.

Gallardia, Indian Blanket, Firewheel are some of things I have learned these called.  They started blooming in November of last year...and never stopped...even during winter.  They grow in very horrible sandy dry soil.

This vine with the purple flowers invaded around the Savannah bird girl.
Cashmere bouquet..I am wondering if it is the same as Joe Pye Weed

Camellias are late I think...they bloomed this time last year..but I, also, maintained them better.
This is a very aggressive vine that I have pulled many, many times.
Climbers and gardenia on the side of the house.....drip irrigation system was installed.

Joseph's Coat.
I think it's Don Juan but I question it.