Friday, February 21, 2014

Journal Notes...Peacock after a storm, cornerstone herbicide, etc

A heavy storm passed through the night.  It was very violent.  Although you cannot see the frame well...around it is still water.  Now the rain was exceptional voluminous

This is not much clearer but you can see the outline of the peacock vaguely.  I am wondering if I am going to have address drainage issue.

Found it amusing to see robins pearched on it.

Camellias and azaleas are really starting to bloom.

Rain was so heavy the creek almost broke the burm.

Got another door topper.

And a birdhouse was given to's beautiful

Went to the co-op and spoke with Ms. Dina.  In remember what Nell had mentioned I looked at english ivy and confederate jasmine.  I did not understand the purpose of the spanghum moss.  Ms. Dina finally made me understand that the moss is like elevated dirt.  The vine will grow from the moss.  Which brought up new questions.  In the interim, I felt the next step was to kill all the grass underneath the frame and where the tail was going.   Ms. Dina suggested cornerstone.  I was also doing some bed cleanup and notice root systems in the mulch.  I asked I could use the herbicide she said yes but don't let them touch it.  For the moment, I think I will forgo putting this near plants I want until I understand how it best reacts.

She also suggested this stuff to lie on top of the mulch to prevent future seed germination.  The roses are breaking dormancy so it's time to prune.

Believe or not I did weed this the other day.  Will do it some more, lay the mulch and put the preen?  on top of it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Journal Notes...Peacock Mounted, Pond drained, and signs of Spring

I wish it had not been so dark when the peacock was mounted in the ground by concrete.  But after it was, it looked fantastic!  It did not take much imagination to realize the vision coming to life.  It was late when I took these but I think it will be everything I imagined, my DH (Johnnie Bear) did such a fabulous job!
The neck once mounted looked perfect.

Concreted in the ground

Galvanized wire hold much of the rebar together.

Earlier in the day pictures..
Husband making the concrete to mount it.   This baby is going nowhere!

Stirring the concrete.

He needed to make the rebar stable??? So he brought out the wood that he use to create it.

The dirt that he dug the holes looked very black...good sign.

Before it was mounted.

I, originally, thought that this was a bad investment but it is definitely been showing its uses.

My husband in the front field mounting it.

I think the next step is to kill the grass and weeds underneath the frame and outline the tail and kill the seeds and till it.  That is my thinking.

On other notes.
My husband was very busy today.  He drained the front fountain.  Most of it.  I started clearing out all the leaves and debris.  Note to self.  If you don't intend to put fish in these, don't put rocks at the bottom.

Pump draining out the water.

Red maple seems to be coming out of dormancy.

Roses are coming out of dormancy as well.  Spring is creeping on me faster than I expected.

Split leaf philodendron seemed to not make it through these freezes.  I wonder if the root system is dead?

I think these are huckleberries.  They make pretty flowers in the spring.

I fed the encore azaleas about a week and half ago.  They haven't bloomed in a while but they seem to be doing it now.  After they bloom this cycle, I think I may prune them a bit.

Drained the fountain some more.  Lost the tip of the fountain in there.  Will either attempt to find it or buy another.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Journal Notes...Peacock In the Ground, Foyer

I don't think my husband appreciates how awesome I think he is.  He worked for days on this and it is taking shape.  Today, the peacock frame will be concreted in the ground.  The pictures below were taken from yesterday evening.  As it stands it about 7 or 8 feet.  Once concreted in the ground it will be approximately 6 feet.  We moved the frame to the front field to gauge its position.

At the moment it appears a bit crooked because it has yet to be mounted

I, originally, placed it close to the spigot. While walking around I concluded this was a horrible place.  The spigot was distracting and the pipe ran underneath the frame.  If the pipe burst, I will have a problem and the spigot distracted away even if I cover it somehow.  The ground where the tail will be was hilly and uneven.

The tail.  I will put chicken wire around the whole frame and probably "tent" the tail to be slopey.

How I wanted it angled was important.  But the tail is what you want to see the most so you will be seeing the peacock mostly from a back angle.

He did an amazing job.  I love that man to talented he is!

The neck is a bit forward protruding.  I want to sauder or mount top feathers....maybe with a custom made glass concept.

Moved the frame further away from the spigot

The back of the frame.  The ground is much more even.

It will be beautiful.  I, initially, had the I really know what I am doing?  No, I don't but gonna try

Redoing the foyer as well.  It's about 75% done.  It's hard to photograph because it's a small room.  But it will be pretty as well.